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All the gifts were unwrapped, and the wonderment of the season filled the room.  I put aside all my new presents except one.  For the past few years Santa brought me sets of wooden tinker toys.  This was my favorite wish because infinite thought could be unleashed anywhere a quiet place allowed.  I looked out the window to view the pristine fresh snow which created the fresh canvas of winter landscape.  How would I combine this new set with my others…

After thinking for a few moments, I chose to build upon two other constructs made during earlier days.  The two box like wooden rectangles were made by connecting the straight holed aligning pillars.  Figure, Strength and Beauty… ordered to interlock my earlier works.  I would have to utilize the angled offset holes in the round hubs.  Spokes emanating from center hubs would link two horizontal boxes on the same level.

An Arch would create a span using two hubs, a straight line and radiating pillars dropping into lower points.  Two rectangles linked.  Before I could continue, I needed to open more of my tinker toy kits.  Due proportion would create just correspondence in all parts.  I want to expand the dwelling’s footprint, perhaps in the shape of a triangle.  Limited by my piece count, wisdom should guide me through the arrangement of ordinary materialsFigure, Strength and Beauty is the Operative I focused upon.  I need to expand the roof too!

The call for Christmas Worship brought me out of my thoughts.  Barely enough time to get dressed.  After the Day’s Celebration, Holiday food would follow.  Spending time with family and friends would take precedence over my construction.

Worship talked about Faith, Hope and Charity… The lecture described Jacob’s Vision.  I envisioned finishing my construction, and I hoped there would be time left to finish.  I held my thoughts, secretly waiting and keeping calm.  It was the DIETY’S Day, and I needed to practice charity and squared actions.

All the family gathered at our house.  We gave thanks for the day and began eating the prepared feast.  The clock struck high noon.  All the food almost distracted me from the hour’s chime’s clarity.  Someone gave the blessing.  People came and left, all by their own schedules.

The plates were cleaned up, and extra food put in boxes and bags for visiting guests.  Outside there was still snow on lawn, but its reflection changed.  The reflection of the Star Decked Canopy beamed down a silver blue hue.  The Frozen Mosaic Pavement mirrored the Blazing Stars reflection.  The moon and stars cast no light of their own, only a re-illumination of the sun.  I recalled my mind’s trestle for my next step.  Expand the roof.

I had to add a new center hub to the original span.  That’s the good thing about Speculative Work.  Plans are better able to be reshaped during the flow.  A center perpendicular extended off of my first connections.  Using my bended knuckles as an invisible gavel, I made my appropriate connections. Reaching my last hub, I pulled two additional returns linking back to my initial opposing corners.  I dropped down extensions to give the roof dimension, and my triangular space started showing final figure and shape.

I called myself out from my work for the final time to view what appeared before me.  I could create embellishments on the interior space, but that would take more expansion sets.  Perhaps I could use some of my Christmas gift cards.  Reaching the Pinnacle of my ability and resources, the time came for rest.  Just like on the Seventh Day, it was time to pause and enjoy my work.

I would seek to use the movable parts on another day.

Inspiration taken from Official Ritual Grand Lodge of Connecticut, AF & AM, pages 166 – 168.

Facts and phrases drawn from Freemason’s Guide and Compendium, Bernard E. Jones, pages 19 – 78.

Anthony Maisano 3rd, 1/21/2013


I slept in rather late.  The birds and morning sun had already begun their daily scripture.  While preparing breakfast, I recalled a drive I once took.  Not the farthest distance, but a relevant destination nonetheless…

This particular trip was a destination to prepare for, calling upon focus and dexterity.  Remarkably though, there were only three potential stopping points along the way.  I made a quick map in my mind — a plan to travel through what I remembered to be three traffic lights.  I would come upon the first illuminated crossroad when leaving my town.  Down the road, my path would wend through a checkpoint bisecting the journey.  The final caution would appear just before my final location.  I departed just after the birds stopped their early song.

Warmed by the heating sun, I started down the road.  I took no personal effects on this drive, just my thoughts.  A few twists and turns in the road, then some trees and friendly waves.  First traffic light.  Its yellow-amber color indicated CAUTION.  I realized this was not to be a local errand or quick skip to a friend’s house.  Fast look in all directions and I received my mind’s confirmation.  Familiar surroundings disappear as I leave my hometown behind.  I continue through the intersection, careful to advance through less familiar territory.

The inertial motion paces a bit faster.  This is the longest section of the journey.  Fences click by and the perimeter of my view becomes more bare.  I feel as though my periphery of sight has greatly increased.  Sides, front, and back.  Distances appear elongated. .  I see the next light.  It is colored green — only one choice.  Automatic impulse drives me on.  Passing through the intersection, the distance traveled does appear farther than I can recall.  Caution turns into confidence as the signs guide me onward.  My internal compass remains unchanged.

The rolling wheels coo quietly over the new pavement.  I sit silently casting my thought ahead, internally marching down my mind’s map.  My heart feels confident with the fact check.    Around the next turn a red traffic light slides into my view.  THREE gauges, like PRECIOUS JEWELS.  My body reacts, bringing my travel to a temporary halt.  Down this lonely stretch of road, few travelers track.  I arrive at my mind’s connection.  No external sounds heard {ears} outside my enclosure.  My eyes silently confirm {tongue} my thoughts.  The light changes to green, and I faithfully proceed {heart}.  My virtual map shortens.

I start slowly.  I am about to reach the end of my mind’s map.  A short distance later, I focus upon my goal.  God’s essence, true thought and a cautionary approach powered this journey.  I cannot remember all the data collected along the way, but I know it sits comfortably in my mind’s store.  This bundle forms a package of TRUTH.  An actual plan for not only my return home, but the bridge built for future journeys.  Truth is the divine language which all time travelers use to navigate.  It is the steady beacon which must be followed to correctly unwrap learning and action.  The destination has been illuminated by the lantern of passage.

Caution {yellow}, [new name, unsure of what’s ahead] —– 3 precious jewels…{red} listening [Ear], silent [tongue] faithful [heart] —  Truth {green}, [checkword]

Reflections on Entered Apprentice Degree…p. 47 Duncan’s Ritual

Anthony Maisano 3



The pebbled sand feels warm underfoot.  Tracing the curvature of ocean’s inlet, wending around man made dwellings.  Sitting under black sky, stars are hidden by thick clouds.  Mist and gunpowder fill the air.  The wayfaring sea pushes and pulls like moist lava.  The sea foam alternates between covering and exposing the sand bed.  The guiding moon begins to slide out of its cloudy cover.

Care must be taken because the ocean has its own pace.  The flowing grasp is smoothly subtle, but ever withdrawing and advancing.  No one hears this framed description, yet its presence is obvious.  Thoughts protected and insulated, yet exposed to the inner light.  The irregular waterline twists in a predictable and orderly pattern.  The moon begins to illuminate the field.  Light greens, blue and white become discernible.  A few stars, yet all is quiet.  Thoughts continue to expand and illuminate.  The heart beats steadily.

The water will eventually reach the place which is previously marked.  The tide’s volume is increased, in richness but not in tone.  Velvet sounds expand only because of proximity.  Time has expired for the place chosen.  The moonlight’s embrace overtakes the dark mist and in this set of visuals, all can be seen.  Thoughts and actions are silent.  An illuminated canopy stares down over the inlet.  The beam’s glow casts truth and justice.  Nothing can be hidden for very long.

The ebb and flow has overtaken point of reference.  That familiar mark has been reached.  Moments until departure.  No one hears and fewer see the steady movement.  The ocean’s tide and night cycle are part of final justice.  These can’t be stopped. Rhythmic thoughts, like the sand bed and the moon and stars, are protected by the guardian’s sword.  All recorded somewhere in the book of time.

The cycle begins again.

Reflections on master mason degree



Darkness surrounds the four walls inside of a larger scale.  Gentlemen find their way from the constraints of daily duties to meet in the vaulted roof within a hewn stone building.  Through the iron hinged door, the eternal great lights delineate the stage.   Signs and tokens, take your seats.  This is a night of learning.

Center altar encircled by three great chairs.  Curling and twisting about this consecrated area, the great stairs.  Steps of learning, set points for the craftsman’s tools to do their work upon.  These are the classical points of learning, fields of clay to be molded into greatest thoughts.  Winding around the center altar, pedastling The Holy Bible.

This is the fellows gathering.  A reminder to the old and new student the ability of sand to harden into focus.  The ashlars of human minds, capable of structuring one’s own memory lodge to be built upon the masters’ studies.  Names often recorded, rarely remembered.  Schools of study that provide the tested geometric vessel to contain all
free thought.

Soon the lectures are finished, and the bellies are full.  Fellows return to the calling of daily activity.  Cerebral boxes, pyramidal Tetrahedrons, sharpened and expanded.  Capable of holding fluid quicksilver…brilliant thoughts.  Each built from the great stairs of study.  The floating stairs occupying the space between the altar and platforms.  The illustration of where to put the grains of thought we encounter on the way home.  The next day.  Expanding into the time until the next session.  The geometrical hanging closet illustrated by the floating stairs.

anthony maisano 3                                                                      prepared for: Finishing element of F.C. degree


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