The Phoenix Will Rise From America’s Od Fashioned Health Care System


quick draft 1

Apologize.  I think the GOP should APOLOGIZE to the citizens of America.  My Uncle D is a long time, red shirt wearing, senior citizen GOP supporter.  [curiously, see for vote predictability: ]  He was recently diagnosed with a l***r ailment, type unknown to me.  He is a person that would say to me, ‘You didn’t get your government stimulus 2% payroll tax cut because you are a Barack Obama supporter.’  Existing pre-existing limitations would have eliminated him from all coverage plans… unless he used someone else’s blood or previous test sample, or someone could log in on the medical or insurance side and change someone’s personal information.  The Affordable Health Care Act will save his life.  Thank you Democrats and all who voted in favor for no pre-existing condition limitations.  And thank you Barack Obama and all persons in the medical and insurance industry for having the vision to provide correct coverage which WILL enable America to rise from the slash and burn ashes GOP fires which have been set.
I think it is time for the non-supporters to apologize.
Anthony Maisano III

originally submitted in response located at the…


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