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Public Schools: 

Children’s Brain Facets sometimes develop at different rates, occasionally exponentially. It is at this point when an adult notices the child’s progress and the notion of public school leadership failure is often contemplated.  This has become such a common leap even if the student is unable to translate all brain power throughout all subjects.  The solution for the public school is to translate the mechanism of the stronger facet into a way that the entire brain can utilize, therefore offering better performance in all areas AND keeping the friend set the child has come to know and love, together.

Private or charter schools don’t solve this issue just by existing, or through defunding public school systems. It is a matter of ‘brain decoding and translation’ For example, if a child shows faster development in mathematical based logic. the technique would be to tie a mathematical based framework to vocabulary.  If the child thinks and identifies best with colors, draw parallels between the color system and science.  It is critical that we develop our brain’s strengths maximally. Cross-linking associative processes can develop a holistic key.  Public Schools, which have an in place infrastructure, will provide the most cost-effective approach to offering student growth in a more natural environment.

Public School Systems should now figure out what all the tablet’s symbols link to in the brain’s mesh-net.


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