A One-Dimensional Picture Can’t Support Its Own Weight…

Ben Sklaver’s Untimely Death Media Campaign Can’t Reincarnate Lost Human Qualities

draft 1          May 11, 2014

Captain Ben Sklaver’s untimely death was a terrible tragedy.  My generation, much like parents who grew up in the 60’s and early 70’s, has become permanently acquainted with the casualties of war and their effect on Family Life… Benjamin Sklaver also was involved in a noble cause with his ‘Clear Water Initiative.’  Benjamin Sklaver’s life is exemplary of many over-achieving children who radiate SO MUCH LIGHT that they can brighten dark areas from past familial generations.

This article means no disrespect to the military, Ben’s friends, or the family’s psychological recovery efforts…

The loss of Gary and Laura Sklaver”s son is just as unfortunate as Mr. Gary Sklaver’s media campaign to repaint his professional legal image.  THROUGH MY OBSERVATIONS Mr. Gary Sklaver is a ‘small brain thinking,’ ‘weak hearted type,’ ‘low constitutioned exemplified’ individual… Unlike the words used to describe his late son Ben, Mr. Gary Sklaver’s ‘philandering type eye” and ‘willingness to sacrifice morals for money tendencies’ should be clear to Everyone who is NOT a paying customer of Mr. Gary Sklaver.  Attorney Sklaver should be ashamed of capitalizing on his son’s achievements and heroic death by misconstruing the source of his son Ben’s personal qualities.  Although I knew not Benjamin Skalver; I would guess Ben’s motivation came from a kernel inside his own psyche– not something imparted or strategically discussed at the dinner table.

Young men such as Ben do what they do in the moments before their life’s lens because their own inner voice, that American Spirit that we watch in the Rocky movies.  That American Voice that looks out over the horizon and KNOWs it is up to the young minded to Re-build this place.  The American Heartbeat that won’t ever stop beating because life is worth doing.

Not being paid royalties from past achievements.  We all need money to survive;  but young men like Ben Sklaver; our American Men and Women who are charged to Protect and Serve, the kid walking through a domestic gang zone to get his education. THE SAME life-force that generates the energy to power the weak and disadvantaged.  That inner voice that says I Will Sacrifice Because it is America that I Build; Because I AM STRONG AND WILL CARRY THE IGNORANT, WEAK AND WOUNDED FORWARD WITH MY EXAMPLE ALONE.  That power plant that generates unlimited clean plasma energy, every day.

I hear that voice.  I feel that spirit.  I see the wrongs but carry that weight…

I AM only one– it begins with only one.

To this person, the media campaign is NOT part of the healing process for the Sklavers…. it is a device to compensate for what Mr. Gary Sklaver is actually lacking within his own life.  Cashing in while the people around him ‘cash out’ before bad morals bankrupt the lives around him.  We will never go bankrupt.  We don’t know how to lose.  We make more progress before breakfast than these little games do in their entire set.  That’s why these shenanigans are allowed to continue.

But when any reporter wonders what is holding America Back; why D.C. won’t pass constructive legislation; why global thinkers comment on the dimming incandescence of America– they choose to overlook that small inner voice that continues to power the American Power Cell.  That strength that continues despite the best efforts of social control to extinguish life.  Always has, always will.

God Bless America.

Walk on young,

Walk on…

Take these words– Mike Barnacle, to Time Magazine.  It is the right thing to do.

Anthony Maisano III


Disclaimer:  I realize Gary Sklaver is a well-respected partner of the Licari, Walsh and Sklaver Law Firm, and a Yale Sappern Fellowship Recipient…

But if my Uncle Yale was able to meet Gary Sklaver personally, I think he would have a different opinion…  Unfortunately, facts seem to be sealed and hidden just when objective reality reaches the general population.  Thank You for your consideration.