A One-Dimensional Picture Can’t Support Its Own Weight…

Ben Sklaver’s Untimely Death Media Campaign Can’t Reincarnate Lost Human Qualities

draft 1          May 11, 2014

Captain Ben Sklaver’s untimely death was a terrible tragedy.  My generation, much like parents who grew up in the 60’s and early 70’s, has become permanently acquainted with the casualties of war and their effect on Family Life… Benjamin Sklaver also was involved in a noble cause with his ‘Clear Water Initiative.’  Benjamin Sklaver’s life is exemplary of many over-achieving children who radiate SO MUCH LIGHT that they can brighten dark areas from past familial generations.

This article means no disrespect to the military, Ben’s friends, or the family’s psychological recovery efforts…

The loss of Gary and Laura Sklaver”s son is just as unfortunate as Mr. Gary Sklaver’s media campaign to repaint his professional legal image.  THROUGH MY OBSERVATIONS Mr. Gary Sklaver is a ‘small brain thinking,’ ‘weak hearted type,’ ‘low constitutioned exemplified’ individual… Unlike the words used to describe his late son Ben, Mr. Gary Sklaver’s ‘philandering type eye” and ‘willingness to sacrifice morals for money tendencies’ should be clear to Everyone who is NOT a paying customer of Mr. Gary Sklaver.  Attorney Sklaver should be ashamed of capitalizing on his son’s achievements and heroic death by misconstruing the source of his son Ben’s personal qualities.  Although I knew not Benjamin Skalver; I would guess Ben’s motivation came from a kernel inside his own psyche– not something imparted or strategically discussed at the dinner table.

Young men such as Ben do what they do in the moments before their life’s lens because their own inner voice, that American Spirit that we watch in the Rocky movies.  That American Voice that looks out over the horizon and KNOWs it is up to the young minded to Re-build this place.  The American Heartbeat that won’t ever stop beating because life is worth doing.

Not being paid royalties from past achievements.  We all need money to survive;  but young men like Ben Sklaver; our American Men and Women who are charged to Protect and Serve, the kid walking through a domestic gang zone to get his education. THE SAME life-force that generates the energy to power the weak and disadvantaged.  That inner voice that says I Will Sacrifice Because it is America that I Build; Because I AM STRONG AND WILL CARRY THE IGNORANT, WEAK AND WOUNDED FORWARD WITH MY EXAMPLE ALONE.  That power plant that generates unlimited clean plasma energy, every day.

I hear that voice.  I feel that spirit.  I see the wrongs but carry that weight…

I AM only one– it begins with only one.

To this person, the media campaign is NOT part of the healing process for the Sklavers…. it is a device to compensate for what Mr. Gary Sklaver is actually lacking within his own life.  Cashing in while the people around him ‘cash out’ before bad morals bankrupt the lives around him.  We will never go bankrupt.  We don’t know how to lose.  We make more progress before breakfast than these little games do in their entire set.  That’s why these shenanigans are allowed to continue.

But when any reporter wonders what is holding America Back; why D.C. won’t pass constructive legislation; why global thinkers comment on the dimming incandescence of America– they choose to overlook that small inner voice that continues to power the American Power Cell.  That strength that continues despite the best efforts of social control to extinguish life.  Always has, always will.

God Bless America.

Walk on young,

Walk on…

Take these words– Mike Barnacle, to Time Magazine.  It is the right thing to do.

Anthony Maisano III


Disclaimer:  I realize Gary Sklaver is a well-respected partner of the Licari, Walsh and Sklaver Law Firm, and a Yale Sappern Fellowship Recipient…

But if my Uncle Yale was able to meet Gary Sklaver personally, I think he would have a different opinion…  Unfortunately, facts seem to be sealed and hidden just when objective reality reaches the general population.  Thank You for your consideration.




You’re Harassing Me To Be Perfect?  Here’s A Mirror…  And Get Out Of My Ear!


Second DRAFT

The CT DOL expects 27,000 people to have their compromised tax information sent back so they can further study their investigation.  The DOL has asked me for patience for two years.  There is a terrible immigrations problem and crossed identity data issue in all of CT’s databases.  All are updated by hand, none are cross linked.  The DMV seems to create new ways to get around their own rules daily.

My analysis of why the CT DOL made all those name changes was to kick me off unemployment early.  The first in a series of three name changes occurred in mid- December at the warning track.  I had money earmarked to be paid, but the State of CT claimed my benefit year started December 28, 2012,  Their corrected records, when my correct name is entered, show I started filing January 5th, 2013.  So they bumped me out early and changed my name two more times until the correct start date on the benefit year passed, to re-capture the small remainder federally assigned to me.  WHERE IS ALL THE FEDERAL MONEY CLAWED BACK FROM THE LONG TERM UNEMPLOYED?

Here is the letter I sent to the Governor in response to his requests for time.  Don’t get me wrong, I would vote for him again.  But his Information Systems Network are junk, and I think those who want to embarrass the Democrats are taking advantage of it.  Maybe as a ‘income supplement?’  I sincerely hope this State gets its act together soon.  It certainly is not from myself speaking up…

Gov. Malloy,  I think the ‘reflections of sound’ we discussed at your Norwalk Town Hall Meeting are radio and high frequency radio waves being broadcast to harass people.  I can track them and match them on a scanner. 

To the point, I was one of the people who got the bad DOL tax data.  But I have been getting bad data correspondence for two months, and for over a year, DOL technicians have asked me to be patient with them.  Patient for what I have no idea, until now.  I sincerely think you have an Immigrations Issue.  I have identity theft insurance.  I have had this problem since my father passed away in 2011.  I have had issues with the CT Probate Oversight and Judge Forgione.  I think your corruption runs deeper than at first glance.  Please fix these issues.  I have no unemployment, no job, a messed up work history, and now, identity theft again.

Anthony Maisano III




Observations on Electronic Harassment Created through Standard Radio Based Scanner Broadcasts

Under construction—draft 2

January 24, 2014 first entry

Disclaimer:  I understand the basic issues of the human mind, and the fluctuating control of the Id, Ego, and  Super-ego.  The Id represents the unorganized instincts and drives.  The Ego functions on ‘the reality principle’ which satisfies desire in a realistic paced and longer term pathways versus choices that will bring short-term grief.  The Super-ego guides towards perfection through guidance and socially appropriate focus. [see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Id,_ego_and_super-ego ]  So some mud-slinging smarty pants MAY try to argue that as a defense mechanism, when one of these three components seeks to control the brain, IT MAY BECOME SO STRONG AS TO AUDIBLY PRODUCE SIGNALS TO REINFORCE THE NEEDS AND DRIVES INNATELY CONTAINED IN ITS STRUCTURE.  In other words, putting a microphone to an artificial voice given to a particular part of the consciousness, and a speaker placed in the ears so has to over-ride the brain’s reasoning structure.  This synthetic strength would bypass thought processes, and manifest in human abnormal behavior.  This phenomenon described might be labeled as psychosis or multiple personality disorder.  However, the proliferation of electronic signal saturation, and plain dirty trick playing harassing individuals, may seek to create a false diagnosis by employing undefined or unsuccessfully prosecuted technologies and techniques.  Perhaps some people’s brains are more susceptible to penetrating radiation, some may be just plain targeted. [see microwave auditory frequency, wiki; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microwave_auditory_effect  ]

Gary Sklaver is the attorney that told me, in Attorney Fretel’s office, ‘you can’t stop us…’  Around that time, interfering but audible sound bites and streams started to blend in to my television and radio broadcasts.  I am postulating that these interfering signals are two-way conversations that are similar to the systems that are used by municipal agencies to communicate with each other or some high frequency signal designed for the same purpose .   These conversations seem to place my speakers in the middle, and become decoded by use of a simple signal scanner or ham radio setup.   I performed this step by using a free online scanner, scrolling through the channels, and finding where the blended sound-bites match what are emanating over other non-networked but powered speakers attached to other broadcast medium, connected to unrelated media streams…

This phenomenon seems to match another case Attorney Sklaver was involved in, where not his client, but his opposition faced some sort of similar harassing tactics.  This gentleman later was discredited, signed over his business ownership, and then is quoted of feeling ‘other’ forms of non-traditional manifestations of terror.

As author Molly Ball wrote in her piece ‘A Grab for the Wheel…’ in the Yale Herald Online,

Spoerndle signed over control of the club—he claims he was told the agreement was temporary. Now, thanks to a 12-step program, he says he’s been sober for over two years, but he’s still locked out of Toad’s. In May, he filed a civil suit in New Haven Superior Court, claiming Phelps took advantage of his debased condition and fraudulently induced him to give up his property.

“At that time, I was totally out of my mind. I mean, I was in and out of eight or 10 psych wards. The aliens were at my house, I thought,” Spoerndle says. “And, you know, people sometimes take advantage of people who are out of their minds. But there are laws that protect people.” Spoerndle hopes that those laws will eventually put Toad’s back in his hands.

“I’m not the hotshot I used to be [Spoerndle] , but I’m happier, I’m more at peace,” he says. “I’m extremely grateful I lived through it, grateful to be free. I believe I was allowed to live so I can help others.” Spoerndle currently devotes his time to volunteer work at 13 detox and rehab centers in the area, “helping people get out of that tortured place and have lives.”

Spoerndle’s lawsuit alleges that Phelps “knew that Michael Spoerndle was suffering from mental and physical problems which rendered him incapable and incompetent to han-dle his own affairs” and took advantage of this knowledge to “induce…Spoerndle to sign away his property and his right to control over the Toad’s Place business.”

Phelps and his lawyer, Gary Sklaver, declined to comment on the suit.

Molly Ball, Yale Herald Online; http://www.yaleherald.com/archive/xxx/2000.09.29/ae/p13toads.html

Unfortunately, I am unable to contact Mr. Spoerndle about his experiences, except perhaps by séance.  In this case, though years have passed since the suit was initiated, [circa year 2000].  Mr. Spoerndle was found dead in his East Haven House in 2011.  Brian McCready of the New Haven Register reported [Posted: 05/07/11, 12:00 AM EDT]:

NEW HAVEN — The man who made Connecticut rock has died. Mike Spoerndle, 59, of East Haven, who founded the legendary New Haven music club Toad’s Place in 1975 was found dead in his home Friday. The exact cause of death remains unknown…”  Brian McCready, New Haven Register http://www.nhregister.com/general-news/20110507/toads-place-founder-dies-brought-legends-to-new-haven-share-your-club-memories

A very sad day for New Haven Music, Arts and Entertainment, but most importantly, a link lost for my research.  I would have liked to compare notes, and gotten HIS opinion about Attorney Gary Sklaver, and the harassment he claimed to experience.

Not quite the Danny Casloaro story, but…? [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Casolaro ]


Furthermore, Where Did I Leave That Walrus Anyway?

Draft four

When I head about the Snowden Situation, I immediately felt a sympathetic cord ring inside me.  Not so much to take a side for guilt or innocence, but a sympathetic feeling of someone who has felt the invisible presence of having my personal space penetrated.  I initially thought I would write-up this great paper about the Prism Project.  I remembered about a book I read about Sam Israel and Bayou Securities.  No—better idea still, Danny Casolaro’s story would make a stronger backbone.  Then the X-Keyscore story broke and I had to clear my desk.  Today I just learned about the SOD* program [*see end paragraph, Rachael Maddow, 8/5/2013].  Of course, if all else didn’t inspire me, I could always write about The Monarch Program.

This is the nebulous soup described in the movie ‘The Fog.’  What is it, what is out there?  I think the reason I can’t sketch out what I am feeling because the metaphor used to describe the NSA program locked me into a dull charcoal.  It isn’t specifically that vast quantities of data is being ‘vacuumed up.’   That may be part of what is going on, but I am teaching myself to not fall for the shell game.  Someone described the entire scope as a giant squid, reaching out and sticking to everything.  I prefer the simile of an octopus.  It sticks and rips away historically stuck data, AND it extends into many areas of our daily life.  And when the diver detective gets close, it spits out an inky blot so nothing can be seen clearly.

The results of the trip wire that Snowden walked through displayed itself when I read the NPR Snowden Wrap-up article.  I heard what he said when I watched the live Q & A, but NPR put it into permanent text.   This young man said, in a stray but intentional thought lurking in the conversation, that predictive analysis can be applied to each and any person.  By leveraging many technologies applied against hard database data, a type of virtual ESP blankets any point on the globe.  This is an arms race for control over people’s brains.  But are we looking through a lighted keyhole or is the door finally ajar?

The following is taken from the NPR website, displayed here without NPR’s permission to highlight the importance of this subtle point…



GREENWALD: Why should people care about surveillance?

SNOWDEN: Because even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re being watched and recorded. And the storage capability of these systems increases every year consistently by orders of magnitude, to where it’s getting to the point you don’t have to have done anything wrong. You simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody, even by a wrong call.

And then they can use this system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you’ve ever made, every friend you’ve ever discussed something with, and attack you on that basis to sort to derive suspicion from an innocent life and paint anyone in the context of a wrongdoer

When the horror of having all thoughts, conversations, relationships and activities monitored; reality asks how should we now defend ourselves.  I tried to imagine this electronic fog-space.  Snowden has described some of the best protective pre-emptive devices for harvesting information.  But if civil liberty was reset, old-fashioned boots on the ground won’t replace the now uncovered electronic warrior sponges.  Citizens are being asked to tolerate the eavesdropping to phone, written word, electronic conversations, and possibly brain wave thoughts because there is no alternative.  The operators may be required to broadcast an ‘interference’ layer which makes the citizen or spy alike think they are listening to or tracking someone else.  Like layers of a gob-stopper candy, each layer that gets dissolved reveals another hard shell and a new flavor of surveillance.  [really sucks]

Most thoughts I have written about pertain to waking hours.  But what happens when the target goes to sleep.  Can I be subliminally whispered to in the first few minutes of twilight?  Can specific pieces of personal information be suggested to warp the brain’s dreamtime?  When you know there is a monster in the shadows, but have little light and no experiential foundation to visualize what you think you feel, the eyes and imagination WILL draw out something more horrific than past perceptions.  And perhaps, we are so far off the curve of acquired experience, our imaginations are correct.  Expert systems combined with The Prism project, X-Keyscore and the Monarch Program have already been revealed.  Imagine the coming attractions; bio-engineered clones will impersonate human life. [Watch Gattaca, 1997, or search wiki]  A Bluetooth device and a look-alike armed with a broadcasted constructed decision criteria profile could do this now in real-time.  Read the NPR Snowden interview transcript…

The Octopus seems to reach any place signals can create a dimensional atmosphere.  Politicians like Lindsey Graham appear to be in two places at on this topic .  The Prism Project seems a necessary part of modern data collection, but universal gun owner background checks appear to be too invasive. [Idea from MSNBC Rev Al Sharpton television show]  Another example is the insurance industry.  Prices are set and coverage is approved or denied.  Decisions are considered locked for fear of competitive reprisals.  The ‘carrot’ of privacy gets dangled in front of you eyes, but like the donkey, citizens are asked to just keep pulling that cart.  A final troubling situation arises when chosen individuals actually make a mistake or fail.  Forces move in to prevent disaster, and over time, failure is considered desirable.  Of course, the safety net won’t be there for regular people.  They are lured to replace the previous person’s disaster.  The magical enchantment encourages citizens to pay now, so another can repay an old debt.

I really set out to write about some of the spy vs. spy projects and devices.  I want to be sure I am factually accurate.  But I also have a sense that all of the revelations have not yet revealed themselves.  MY UNQUALIFIED GUT OPINION tells me the type of work Snowden performed for Booze Allen requires a back channel grey network to click back and forth in cases of data corruption.  This data corruption may originate from password hacking, packet theft, or ‘listening in’ to those who are listening in.  In order to separate the doppelgänger mirror image from the real operative, I WOULD GUESS in this type of scenario, one needs to step away from the shadow or reflection that one casts.  Who knows what authority is monitoring this grey network because the level of unknown about the front channel has become apparent through Edward’s revelations.  Who knows what happens to the data once it is acquired, reduced to text or storage, and sits on someone’s disk or desk.  Outdated versions of the tools could make their way into the secondary market.  One person’s junk is some unacquainted newbie’s treasure.

These tools still seem light years ahead of how the collective citizen mind is thinking.  If the bad guys use these tools, then the good guys should to, right?  I want to describe these tools as I see them.  They are the cane and spoon for the surveillance crowd.  I have a feeling they won’t live without them, now that they have been proven effective.  I just hope that someone will pass a law that protects my sleeping hours.  The one feeling that I know to be true is the longer I become acclimated to this new definition of privacy, the more time it seems I have already been living under its grip.  CAUTION:  Unconscious siphoning may have physical effects…

8/4/2013 [first draft]

Used without permission, Reuters News, John Schiffman…


*SOD: The SOD forwards tips gleaned from NSA intercepts, wiretaps by foreign governments, court-approved domestic wiretaps and a database called DICE to federal agents and local law enforcement officers. The DICE database is different from the NSA phone-records database. DICE consists of about 1 billion records, and is primarily a compilation of phone log data that is legally gathered by the DEA through subpoenas or search warrants


Taking a Look at Powers of Escalation…

first draft…

When someone buys a ‘mink coat,’ they become the center of conversation whether they plan on it or not.  People’s judgments become group thought at a very rapid rate.  Once these group thoughts become incarnate, the ‘mink coat thought’ propagates in outward circles until more and more people are called on to give opinions.  Without realizing what is going on, verbal and electronic sharing or ‘surveillance’ occurs.

It’s not like a mink coat is unique. There is no one particular color which is acceptable.  Type, source, length and purchase point are all topics to discuss.  A quick look on a person’s or group’s social media space will reveal conversations and critiques which may be sampled and passed on.  Maybe the purchaser may provide the most information, self-describing their thoughts and spin that they want publicized.  Could this be too much information, or the data miner’s key that unlocks personal privacy for public consumption.

Citizen’s ‘mink coat behavior’ leads to two main types of privacy degradation.  First, friendly inspection and publication of viewed information and personal opinion discussions gets filtered again and again by familiar and unknown sources.  Why send out a human or non-human [ex. Drone] to record details when a chain reaction can be set in motion artificially through suggestion, or naturally by ‘marking’ someone as “strange.”  A person marked as ‘strange,’ no matter how normal the target appears to oneself, will never be allowed to display unique traits.  If one person tells a tale about another that they once killed someone, or that they have some exotic disease, they will certainly be watched for a long time for any extraneous behaviors.  This is the accused person’s ‘mink coat.’  We have unknowingly become less private, escalated over time by our own and nearby publicity.

Many people spend their day with cell phone camera ready and social media always open.  When someone gives the suggestion, or a person becomes marked as strange, a deputized viewer or group instantly morphs in paparazzi.  And since Hollywood is an unattainable place, why not make your own movie star park in your own hometown.  This behavior is guaranteed to make any life more enjoyable, until you witness how information can be used against you.

Less common forms of surveillance can become engrained in the watcher’s toolbox.  We have all heard about unsecured surveillance cameras being tapped to watch a target marked as ‘strange.’  Could someone’s radio be used as a two-way long distance telephone?  We all have heard how someone’s powered ‘on’ cell phone can be turned into a two-way microphone.  And since televisions are merely sound waves converted back and forth into light waves, can the television screen act as a two-way camera.  But wait, we all like personalized television programming.  I hope it doesn’t talk back to you too much though.  Too much customization ruins the original artistic intent.

Top of the surveillance food chain is remote listening to a person’s thoughts.  Human bodies operate on small amounts of electricity.  Professionals call both simple and complex thought brain waves.  Waves of electrical energy permeate inside and outside of the skull.  These waves can be listened to from varying distances, depending on the strength of reader.  Sounds impossible???  Ever build a string telephone with two cups connected by a length of yarn?  An unknown subject can be ‘listened through’ a thin wall.  And we all know how a stethoscope magnifies someone’s faint heartbeat.  Fun times indeed.

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures of their person or papers on the interior or exterior of a person’s body.  The Fourth Amendment also protects someone’s house, and structures located on the same property.  It has also been recently interpreted to protect the interior of someone’s vehicle.  Most importantly, The Fourth Amendment protects a person’s communications, both vocal and electronic.  Most important, communications inside one’s mind or ‘internal communications’ are protected…

The hot topic of 2013 CIA confirmation hearings are drone strikes.  I have trouble making a judgment of who controls the kill lists or what type of person can build one with a hobbyist kit, because I am amazed at all the privacy we have already chosen to give up.  The escalating amounts of information that America has chosen to make public, along with the silly accusations we make about each other have thoroughly diluted the everyday powers of the Fourth Amendment.  We are walking around with ‘mink coats’ that we chose to wear or have been clothed with by other people.  The hearings draw the line dealing with drone surveillance of Americans, but NEVER choose to discuss the escalating memes that have been planted and cultivated.

I try to live my life as transparently as possible, and I also refuse to publicly post extraneous details about myself.  Sometimes a person might explain that because I choose not to publicly post any pictures of myself, my ‘on-line’ identity is unknown.  I really don’t want to clothe myself in the manner that many choose to, and I try to protect myself from being labeled as often as possible.  It is nice to see a vanity shot once in a while, but each instance is evidence for someone to mark me as ‘strange.’  I am warm enough without the coat.

I guess my point is it is awful difficult, and costly, to protect something that we have already given away.  By making our private lives public, by falling in the trap of marking each other, and by failing to say ‘NO’ when our privacy first feels violated, we have allowed the escalation of Forth Amendment Disintegration.  Let’s take the coats off and protect what is left of our privacy.  I try to re-gift the one’s I get to goodwill whenever possible.

How Polluted is the Sonic Sea We Live In…

Written for Governor Dannel P. Malloy at the Manchester Community Forum, 4/4/2013, Manchester CT Lincoln Center…



A:  Reflections off of Long Island Sound… May 1st 2013,  Gov. Dannel Malloy,  Norwalk Town Hall Meeting

Q: Thank you for letting me address you at this public town hall today. I believe that your presence in the governor’s chair is providing generally positive guidance for our State of Connecticut. Your previous job was in a metropolitan area, but much to my surprise you have adapted your style to match our state’s diversity. Your tree trimming policy was spot on, and your disaster leadership will form your legacy. Finally, Connecticut is small state, so every television appearance is critical for our standing on the Nation’s Stage.

My name is Anthony Maisano III, son of Anthony Maisano Jr., grandson of Anthony Maisano Sr. Three years ago, after my father’s passing, I was faced with some data confusion relating to our name similarities. For example, to this day I cannot get the CT DMV to get my license to match my birth certificate with a proper Suffix, rather than a numerical interpretation.

I have sent a few emails to your office relating to audible and understandable voice track blending over PAID media services, which I am current and subscribe to. Professionals call this a form of Electronic Harassment. Hackers could be making use of the Emergency Broadcasting Band because Home speakers, computer headphones, cell phone conversations, and radio streams are all tainted. The hacking seeps into my car, and yes, out-of-state as well. Your office has referred to this as Noise Pollution. Sometimes the hacked track commentary is more entertaining than the actual selection, but it is NOT invited.

I wish to publicly comment that when the additional polluted tracks affect my enjoyment of the paid media services I subscribe to, it might be time to take out the trash. Using your office’s analogy, the noise ‘trash pile’ may be growing OUTSIDE our houses, but no one deserves their living rooms polluted.



This was the question I planned to ask Governor Malloy and LT. Governor Nancy Wyman, Thursday night, April 4th, 2013 at the Manchester Town Hall Meeting. Outside the time scope of my allowance, I did some extra research to try to decipher the ‘WHY’ of this irregular occurrence. I have developed two basic types of sound modification actions, In [through] the Box, and In the Path of My Ears.

Through the box implies that the sound track is being modified over the wire or FCC listed communication path, or inside the box I own and have chosen to receive a particular program or show. I have been able to record some of this sound alteration, with the addition of a ‘ch-ch-ch-ch-ch’ and / or a ‘be-e-e-e-ee-eeep’ sound set. This DOES seem to occur, but MAY be more illegal in the eyes of the law.

In the Path of My Ears seems to be the method of choice, although I would make the argument that when my ears are in MY house or MY car, the air-space is predominantly owned or controlled by me. Further, there would be no reasonable expectation on my part that this type of alteration SHOULD be occurring.

After talking to several people in the online community who have observed these phenomena, I utilized a ‘Full-Range All-Round Detector.’ It was calibrated to vibrate in the presence of frequency detection in the 1.2G, 2.4G, and 100MHZ to 3000MHZ wave patterns. It is not the most sophisticated device on the market, but did detect vectorized straight line wave streams, flowing through my house. I counted MANY of these interference rivers, some upstairs, some outside, some right through the listening path of my Television and Eardrums.

My thought is as sounds are emitted in a straight line, conical shape, towards My Ears, the waves must pass through at least 2 to 3 of these perpendicular streams. These streams are normally invisible to my eyes, traveling through my thin walls, in between endpoints unknown. Each stream has a defined top and bottom, as noticed when the detecting device is raised or lowered out of the path of the cross-cutting stream.  As the correct broadcast sound travels toward my ears, it becomes ‘tainted’ or ‘polluted’ with ‘sticky data that is part of the cross-cutting stream.’ This cross-cutting stream ‘modifies’ the intended broadcast. My body is sitting at a point furthest away from the television, and further away from the cross-cutting streams. The co-mingled sound broadcast eventually reaches my ears, conveying a different message than was initially intended at the studio or origination site. Noise pollution or harassment, these changes are unwarranted AND unwelcome.

The scientific experiment was necessary to prove the existence of the sound co-mingled changes, and not to inspire the listener into thinking my ears or brain was broken or damaged. Further, the laser-light camera sensor defined a pinpoint midway between the top and bottom of the television tube, which I will define as a horizon line. From hour to hour, the pinpoint slides left and right, but always remain on axis. When the device is directed to shine at a wall or window, a larger ‘flash light’ beam appears, just like a normal flash light ‘large circular spot.’

The pinpoint on the television screen shall be a discussion for a different day. My hope is to first clean up the Sound Pollution Trash Pile.