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Ineffective.  Lazy.  Worthless.

These are words that truly describe the GOP.  It’s unfortunate that no one realizes that they are just reflecting back their image upon the unemployed.  Most of my neighbors around me receive state and federal aid.  They live in rent controlled apartments.  They receive immigrant benefits for their children.  They receive heating assistance.  Electric Assistance.  GOP assistance; because the GOP will not let someone who is in retraining continue on pace and be able to pay his bills.  This recession was created by GOP job creators in an effort to extract more blood from American workforce.  Many people who have jobs are paid in CASH, or partial cash wages.  This further depletes the tax base.  I don’t know of ANY job creator who doesn’t take vacations, buy toys, continue giving themselves raises.  THEY are hooked on the sugar and refuse to pay living wages.  The GOP are the sludge of the Earth, and should recognize their place,

JUST SIT BACK DOWN, and pass this 2014 Unemployment Extension.

Their hollow words contain no fiscal veracity and when they are placed side by side it is clear to see GOP policy isn’t worth the toilet paper it is written on.

Their scare tactics will not stop the voice of truth…

Anthony Maisano III




draft 1

The GOP is making a terrible regarding unemployment compensation extensions for 1.3 million Americans this Christmas 2013…

Depression and Crime rise in times of economic uncertainty, and the GOP is further dividing the USA into have’s and have not’s.  This latest maneuver of failing to fund unemployment is an excuse to act on something the party doesn’t like looking at; its failure to address Immigrations, Tax Code Corrections, and Permanent Job Creation.  The GOP failed all summer to do anything productive.  The GOP failed when it shut the government down, destroying economic progress and setting up this current issue.  The pain that is about to be created is hanging over the GOP like a guillotine over their heads.  If the GOP simply proposed to EXTEND THE SCALING OF WEEKLY SOCIAL SECURITY CONTRIBUTIONS TO PEOPLE MAKING OVER $100,000 PER YEAR, THIS SITUATION WOULD NOT EXIST.  But because the GOP has no courage, unemployment funding, SNAP, FOOD STAMPS and other critical subsidies must wither, or worse; have their budgets sacrificed to protect lobbying interests.

There are no good jobs out there this time of year; it’s too close to Christmas.  Further, no corporation will hold seasonal employees past January, due to the normal spending contractions consumers feel when their December credit card bills arrive.  This is historical fact.  Finally, any small part-time or low wage jobs are seasonally scooped up by students off on break or home for the holidays.  They are naturally willing to accept temporary conditions because it fits with school plans.  These are not good jobs…

WHAT COULD THE GOP POSSIBLY BE THINKING?  If the GOP really wanted to cause this pain for working America, they should have cut funding after Thanksgiving.  They could also propose funding the extensions until January 31, 2014.  Each option, one considerate, one sadistic, would give the job seeker clarity on their budget and needs assessment.  Each of these options would also give the labor force time to ‘adjust’ to the forced labor dumped upon them.  Of course, the job creators will love not having to give raises to current employees because of the new set of desperate workers frantically searching for work.

America needs skills re-training that dovetails with their respective employment databases.  Currently, the DOL recommends things that have historically worked for job seekers, NOT WHAT TYPES OF SKILLS ARE BEING DEMANDED IN REAL TIME.  And no database sets an unemployed worker on a point to point path, starting with a real job opening in their current database, working backwards to skills training and funding for that training, all along asking the question, ‘Is this timeline feasible?’  Most often, by the time the new skill is acquired, the job opening or job trend has passed by or closed off.  Obstinate thinking like this further demeans the unemployed, and makes inefficient use of State and Government Funding.

Here is my recent experience of being trapped by the GOP ignorance machine.  Thankfully, there are considerate people on both sides of this issue.  But all are powerless to stop the Menacing Bully GOP tactic of crashing this recovery AT ALL COSTS because they just don’t like The White House’s and DNC’s programs.

To the GOP and Tea Party Members:  Good Luck when you get back to your local districts.  Your embryonic safety zone of DC will be unable to support you in your ‘Real Worlds.’

Sent: Dec 12, 2013 5:08 PM

To: dol.

Subject: quick note

I wanted to send a quick note in regards to the CT DOL letter I just received.  I have not exhausted my 52-week claim.  I worked for three weeks, and was unjustly terminated by Bristol Paving.  I won my hearing, for the number one reason of ‘NO PARTICIPATION’ by Bristol Paving.  I was also threatened with an appeal of my DOL claim by the owner against my unpaid labor hour claim, which I dropped to avoid a nasty situation.  Looks like the GOP has granted his wish…

COMMENT:  15 minutes may be a small amount to complain about, but THE LAW IS THE LAW…

When my unemployment compensation was re-instated, I received a letter which stated I had six months of claim time left overall, and I should re-apply after December 31, 2013.  The letter I received today made no mention of reapplication, just benefit termination.  I feel like I shouldn’t buy any Christmas presents now.  Wonder how that will go over.

My family has been making a total mess of my deceased father’s family business, and also with probate court.  My complaint is being heard next week.  I have chosen to file a written complaint only because if I physically testify, I may be asked about business activities which will cause permanent relational damage.

I will be applying after December 31, 2013, and I EXPECT reinstatement of benefits according to the letter sent to me by the CT DOL, which I saved.  I have been applying to three jobs per week, as directed.  I have also been preparing to take my Project+ Comp / TIA test.  This test costs $265 to take.  I am planning to wait until after the holiday to register and purchase my voucher, to enable me another credit cycle to pay this bill.

I realize these are difficult times, but this is exactly why I am writing this letter.  As of right now, Christmas is Cancelled.


Anthony Maisano III


 From: CT DOL

Sent: Dec 13, 2013 7:54 AM


 Subject: RE: quick note

When an unemployment claim is filed it is set up for a one year time span called a Benefit Year (BYE) in which a person is payable for 26 weeks of regular state unemployment or until the end of the BYE at which time a new claim should be filed to see if they are payable for a new BYE. Normally, that is all that would be paid but since 2008 the federal government has had an extension, but unless Congress takes new actions that extension will end as of 12/28/13.
In your case a claim was filed effective 12/30/12 setting up a BYE of 12/28/13. You were paid 26 weeks of regular state unemployment ending as of 6/29/13. Since that time you have been paid on the federal extension but the last week that will be paid is for 12/28/13. Since your BYE ends as of 12/28/13 the next week you would call your TeleBenefits line and select option # 3 to file a new claim to see if you can be paid a new 26 weeks of regular state unemployment. We can never tell anyone in advance if they would be payable a claim must be filed.
Sincerely,  CT DOL


Subject: RE: quick note

Date: Dec 13, 2013 8:09 AM

I understand, sir.  And I apologize for the harsh words.  But the three weeks working for Bristol Paving and the DOL hearing that followed, coupled with my family situation [not paying creditors makes things difficult for all with the same name], has made me become ultra cautious.  Still and all, this GOP opinion doesn’t give a whole lot of clarity for Christmas spending.Further, I had to float three to four weeks out of my savings before the ‘big machine’ heard my wrongful termination.  WHAT SEASONAL JOB WOULD HIRE ME FOR 2 TO 4 WEEKS, STARTING TODAY, 12/13/2013, THEN ENABLE ME TO BE IN ANY BETTER CT DOL SITUATION AFTERWARDS?

The DOL needs to be protective of its funds, no doubt.  But, I have to be protective of my life.  I don’t think I will be voting for the GOP any time soon…


Anthony Maisano III

Apologies for stealing the microphone on this one, and I can only hope I speak accurately for 1.3 million Americans that will be affected by this GOP blunder.





under construction:

Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad has been very well-recognized by many different groups and organizations.  He graduated from the  University of Damascus in 1988, post-graduate at  Western Eye Hospital, in London.  The short message is this man has been taught how to think critically, and what logic teaches as the difference between right and wrong.  His personal balance sheet describes a very successful business and investment decision maker [ Assad had amassed for himself, his family and associates a fortune of perhaps $1.5bn, which is held in Russia, Hong Kong and offshore tax havens to spread the risk of seizure.[28], Wikipedia Bashar al-Assad ]  Syria also has foreign military based dotting their coastline, which may be casting harassing Electronic signals and / or Surveillance Ops.  [ Tartus naval base, electronic surveillance facility in Latakia[451] and airbase facilities at Tadmur (Palmyra)[452 wiki, Syrian civil war].  Syria’s emblem is the golden eagle.

The Syrian Ba’ath party seems to have the bone structure of a democratic or parliamentary-like assembly.  This would lead me to believe in a free voice society, the population of Syria loves their home, however varied the tribal backgrounds and religions may be.  Can the flesh be sewn back to the cleaved bones?  Hanna Batatu, an American Immigrant Historian born in Jerusalem wrote, “Under Assad the character of the Ba’ath changed … Whatever independence of opinion its members enjoyed in the past was now curtailed, a premium being placed on conformity and internal discipline. The party became in effect another instrument by which the regime sought to control the community at large or to rally it behind its policies. The party’s cadres turned more and more into bureaucrats and careerists, and were no longer vibrantly alive ideologically as in the 1950s and 1960s, unconditional fidelity to Assad having ultimately overridden fidelity to old beliefs.”[2] [Wiki, Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party – Syria Region]

Is Bashar al-Asad acting on his own free will and accord, or is he being motivated [positively or negatively] into betraying the logic, freedoms, and rights that he has learned and appointed to his selected friends.  For further investigation, can a tribal assembly consisting of the many varying ethnicities meet in assembly, speak peacefully, vote their conscience and respect law passage, regardless of how order is determined.

[Sunni account for 59-60% of the population, while 13% are Shia (Alawite, Twelvers, and Ismailis combined),[117] 10% Christian[117] (the majority Antiochian Orthodox, the rest include Greek Catholic, Assyrian Church of the East, Armenian Orthodox, Protestants and other denominations), and 3% Druze.[117] Druze number around 500,000, and concentrate mainly in the southern area of Jabal al-Druze.[118]President Bashar al-Assad’s family is Alawite and Alawites dominate the government of Syria and hold key military positions.[119]  [wiki, Syria]

The complication of being a writer living in America is our GOP party has been sluggish and partially destructive in their subjective governing, and their continued refusal to debate correctly and logically recognize women’s rights, freedoms of speech and privacy, worker rights to a living wage, rights to basic health care, and equal support in fortifying the foundation of the U.S. government. On August 30th, 2013, an interview with our past President George W. Bush on MSNBC recorded President Bush as describing al-Assad as a “leader who likes to make mischief.”    No government is perfect.  And as Secretary Kerry has mentioned, respect should be paid to the U.N. inspectors, and the work they do.  A quick solution may bring some type of current justice, but can it retro-actively affect decisions that were made years past.  History shows that government works best when it incorporates the thoughts, will and collective consciousness of all its citizens.  That requires citizens to remain alive and healthy, or be allowed to leave;  by their own free will and accord.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
―     Lewis Carroll,     Alice in Wonderland


Furthermore, Where Did I Leave That Walrus Anyway?

Draft four

When I head about the Snowden Situation, I immediately felt a sympathetic cord ring inside me.  Not so much to take a side for guilt or innocence, but a sympathetic feeling of someone who has felt the invisible presence of having my personal space penetrated.  I initially thought I would write-up this great paper about the Prism Project.  I remembered about a book I read about Sam Israel and Bayou Securities.  No—better idea still, Danny Casolaro’s story would make a stronger backbone.  Then the X-Keyscore story broke and I had to clear my desk.  Today I just learned about the SOD* program [*see end paragraph, Rachael Maddow, 8/5/2013].  Of course, if all else didn’t inspire me, I could always write about The Monarch Program.

This is the nebulous soup described in the movie ‘The Fog.’  What is it, what is out there?  I think the reason I can’t sketch out what I am feeling because the metaphor used to describe the NSA program locked me into a dull charcoal.  It isn’t specifically that vast quantities of data is being ‘vacuumed up.’   That may be part of what is going on, but I am teaching myself to not fall for the shell game.  Someone described the entire scope as a giant squid, reaching out and sticking to everything.  I prefer the simile of an octopus.  It sticks and rips away historically stuck data, AND it extends into many areas of our daily life.  And when the diver detective gets close, it spits out an inky blot so nothing can be seen clearly.

The results of the trip wire that Snowden walked through displayed itself when I read the NPR Snowden Wrap-up article.  I heard what he said when I watched the live Q & A, but NPR put it into permanent text.   This young man said, in a stray but intentional thought lurking in the conversation, that predictive analysis can be applied to each and any person.  By leveraging many technologies applied against hard database data, a type of virtual ESP blankets any point on the globe.  This is an arms race for control over people’s brains.  But are we looking through a lighted keyhole or is the door finally ajar?

The following is taken from the NPR website, displayed here without NPR’s permission to highlight the importance of this subtle point…


GREENWALD: Why should people care about surveillance?

SNOWDEN: Because even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re being watched and recorded. And the storage capability of these systems increases every year consistently by orders of magnitude, to where it’s getting to the point you don’t have to have done anything wrong. You simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody, even by a wrong call.

And then they can use this system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you’ve ever made, every friend you’ve ever discussed something with, and attack you on that basis to sort to derive suspicion from an innocent life and paint anyone in the context of a wrongdoer

When the horror of having all thoughts, conversations, relationships and activities monitored; reality asks how should we now defend ourselves.  I tried to imagine this electronic fog-space.  Snowden has described some of the best protective pre-emptive devices for harvesting information.  But if civil liberty was reset, old-fashioned boots on the ground won’t replace the now uncovered electronic warrior sponges.  Citizens are being asked to tolerate the eavesdropping to phone, written word, electronic conversations, and possibly brain wave thoughts because there is no alternative.  The operators may be required to broadcast an ‘interference’ layer which makes the citizen or spy alike think they are listening to or tracking someone else.  Like layers of a gob-stopper candy, each layer that gets dissolved reveals another hard shell and a new flavor of surveillance.  [really sucks]

Most thoughts I have written about pertain to waking hours.  But what happens when the target goes to sleep.  Can I be subliminally whispered to in the first few minutes of twilight?  Can specific pieces of personal information be suggested to warp the brain’s dreamtime?  When you know there is a monster in the shadows, but have little light and no experiential foundation to visualize what you think you feel, the eyes and imagination WILL draw out something more horrific than past perceptions.  And perhaps, we are so far off the curve of acquired experience, our imaginations are correct.  Expert systems combined with The Prism project, X-Keyscore and the Monarch Program have already been revealed.  Imagine the coming attractions; bio-engineered clones will impersonate human life. [Watch Gattaca, 1997, or search wiki]  A Bluetooth device and a look-alike armed with a broadcasted constructed decision criteria profile could do this now in real-time.  Read the NPR Snowden interview transcript…

The Octopus seems to reach any place signals can create a dimensional atmosphere.  Politicians like Lindsey Graham appear to be in two places at on this topic .  The Prism Project seems a necessary part of modern data collection, but universal gun owner background checks appear to be too invasive. [Idea from MSNBC Rev Al Sharpton television show]  Another example is the insurance industry.  Prices are set and coverage is approved or denied.  Decisions are considered locked for fear of competitive reprisals.  The ‘carrot’ of privacy gets dangled in front of you eyes, but like the donkey, citizens are asked to just keep pulling that cart.  A final troubling situation arises when chosen individuals actually make a mistake or fail.  Forces move in to prevent disaster, and over time, failure is considered desirable.  Of course, the safety net won’t be there for regular people.  They are lured to replace the previous person’s disaster.  The magical enchantment encourages citizens to pay now, so another can repay an old debt.

I really set out to write about some of the spy vs. spy projects and devices.  I want to be sure I am factually accurate.  But I also have a sense that all of the revelations have not yet revealed themselves.  MY UNQUALIFIED GUT OPINION tells me the type of work Snowden performed for Booze Allen requires a back channel grey network to click back and forth in cases of data corruption.  This data corruption may originate from password hacking, packet theft, or ‘listening in’ to those who are listening in.  In order to separate the doppelgänger mirror image from the real operative, I WOULD GUESS in this type of scenario, one needs to step away from the shadow or reflection that one casts.  Who knows what authority is monitoring this grey network because the level of unknown about the front channel has become apparent through Edward’s revelations.  Who knows what happens to the data once it is acquired, reduced to text or storage, and sits on someone’s disk or desk.  Outdated versions of the tools could make their way into the secondary market.  One person’s junk is some unacquainted newbie’s treasure.

These tools still seem light years ahead of how the collective citizen mind is thinking.  If the bad guys use these tools, then the good guys should to, right?  I want to describe these tools as I see them.  They are the cane and spoon for the surveillance crowd.  I have a feeling they won’t live without them, now that they have been proven effective.  I just hope that someone will pass a law that protects my sleeping hours.  The one feeling that I know to be true is the longer I become acclimated to this new definition of privacy, the more time it seems I have already been living under its grip.  CAUTION:  Unconscious siphoning may have physical effects…

8/4/2013 [first draft]

Used without permission, Reuters News, John Schiffman…

*SOD: The SOD forwards tips gleaned from NSA intercepts, wiretaps by foreign governments, court-approved domestic wiretaps and a database called DICE to federal agents and local law enforcement officers. The DICE database is different from the NSA phone-records database. DICE consists of about 1 billion records, and is primarily a compilation of phone log data that is legally gathered by the DEA through subpoenas or search warrants


By Definition, Is Faith Blind???

first draft

This is how the large net cast by an ambitious prosecutor tangles up everything, EVEN ENDANGERED SPECIES.  I really know very little about this case, but here is my little story.

Unbeknownst to me, there has been a Federal Investigation going on in the State of Connecticut.  This is the Ponzi state, I guess.  And in these days of extra sensitivity,  everything is drawn in.  What I would like to say, is that in an unrelated matter, I chose to use Attorney K for a broken headlight ticket.  My situation felt like a  ‘set up’ over-exaggerated ticket, which should have been attributed to the safety manager or owner of the company…

I was only the vehicle driver.  On the first day in front of the judge, the State’s attorney stomped his foot at my request through attorney K, for dismissal.  He forced the ticket to go to hearing.  He then called over to me, where I was sitting in the gallery.  State’s Attorney shouted, “Show him who’s next.”  As I walked out, this fellow was brought in.  Some months later, I coincidentally found out he was pulled over for a similarly typed traffic violation.  He helped me paint at a Masonic Temple, and he was the house chairman’s previous manager’s husband.

No matter, as we walked out, Attorney K thought we had a great case.  A COUPLE OF WEEKS LATER HE TOLD ME IT WAS RECOMMENDED THAT I SHOULD LOSE THIS CASE, AND PLEAD OUT.  He said this was the deal as told to him, and in these cases, you do what you’re told.  I DECLINED this false offer.  I thought I knew what happened, and thought I could communicate this to the court.

He told me he was told that he then would have too much other work, and I should choose one of two other lawyers.

Attorney S told me my Aunt was concerned for my safety.  I had pages of documentation relating to the date, weather conditions, and incorrect ticket codes.  Attorney S still lost my case, even shouting at me in the court room that this case may NEVER COME TO TRIAL.  The Judge reprimanded him, telling him to calm down.  I made my own plea; there was nothing I could do about the headlight.



This ticket has been character assassination against me, and I said this in quiet breath in the court room.

Again, I do not know all the facts in this case.  But two years later, this sentence was handed down.  How many bit parts were involved?  It is just a shame when the EVENTS OF LIFE have to be bent to FORCE a conviction.

It truly is a comment on life when the faith we need to place in situations such as this can be betrayed by other moving parts working to bring down entire communities.  Was I taken advantage of by outsiders, you bet.  Did many others have something to gain?  Apparently.  It takes time and money to coordinate ‘stage-craft’ such as this.  Both Justice, and Faith, can lose their sight.

Guess we should be careful of the virtues we teach.

How does this one end???  Well, now that the larger net has been put away, the people doing the mud-slinging, the net holders, can now be seen.  Any cases that have been held back in exchange for their help SHOULD NOW MOVE FORWARD.

My mom thinks I NEEDED to go through this character building episode.

In another courtroom, the Judge in my Father’s Probate Case summed things up very well.  As I left his courtroom, he quietly patted me on my back and said to me, ‘you know the truth, just let us talk…’

In the words of that unknown CT State Prosecutor, “SHOW THEM WHO’S NEXT!!!”

I’m waiting.


My Comments on CNN’s web page in response to gun control debate bill.

Article entitled “Senate rejects expanded gun background checks” [By Ted Barrett and Tom Cohen, CNN updated 11:02 AM EDT, Thu April 18, 2013]

Expanding these thoughts for further research–


1.  In regards to elongated gun clips…They may fit, but they seem to CLEARLY VIOLATE U.S. patent law. They do not hold to the original design of the weapon application. Further, the longer clips may resemble a totally different weapon, perhaps patented by another designer. Give this one to the lawyers, it’s floating in the water…

2.  It is a shame that this ‘common sense bill’ that is designed to protect logical people from illogical, non-common sense activities was done under the screen of another Great City’s hour of need. Maybe the judges need to be viewed as what they are, illogical…  [Boston, Newtown previous]

3.  Isn’t it amazing that the religious right faction can’t see that their draconian stance on a woman’s right to choose IS IN DIRECT CONFLICT with SENSIBLE gun legislation. Pro-life on one but support choice on another. Guess choice really is most important. Why lack the courage to act in a Reasonable AND Consistent manner across related issues. And by the way, high school physics class reminds us loaded GUNS DO KILL PEOPLE, it’s called POTENTIAL ENERGY. But if you could pass a background check and gun safety class successfully, you would know this.
Midterm elections are coming soon.

[full disclosure:  I do believe in pro-choice, death penalty under highest standards of proof, and a documented and acceptable path for and INDIVIDUAL’s choice of euthanasia]

To sum yesterday’s vote up, I turn to a comment I made in SUPPORT of Kid Rock’s Flip on the GOP’s FLOPS.  His article entitled “Kid Rock on His $20 Tour and ‘Dumbass Republicans’ ” on the magazine Rolling Stone website…[By Andy Greene, April 10, 2013 3:20 PM ET]

Glad Kid Rock has seen through this one…GOP fails to understand that their ‘flip – flops’ target the SAME PEOPLE! GOP says ‘all people have rights and we[ the GOP] need to respect these people more.’ But the other side of their mouths talk about acknowledgement means the power to take away.
Honestly, how can a GOP vote be cast when they strive to take more freedom away than they protect. Glad Kid Rock said it, d. a.– If a kid like me said that a drone would be sent to follow me around. Bad Business!

Apparently, the parts of the brain don’t communicate well with one another. 

This flag won’t stitch up.

3 shoes

Fuzzy Logic

draft 1

1.        III experiencing ongoing identity theft

2.       II diagnosed but doing the best he can.  Pressure from son C and M, fighting, and debt that C has caused company to carry, forcing II to work instead of rest.

3.       II dies February 10, 2010.  Didn’t want to, but was told he was ‘too sick.’   III only one who DID NOT enter room for last visit.  III wanted to wait to see if he would recover, as he did in past…

4.       III right back to life.  Middle of a snow storm.

5.       Couple of weeks pass.   D, J and Fd begin closed meetings.  Insist III should just trust them.

6.       Paperwork drawn up,  III was called on Cell Phone in the middle of  life, after another snow storm.  The crisis was that III needed to sign paperwork because ‘People won’t get paid if you don’t SIGN.  You have to trust us, why would you go against the family.’ III hangs up.  III wants a second opinion.  III was told there was no time,  J and D leave Fd’s office and return with paperwork.  They called a couple of more times.  Frustrated, III stopped what he was doing, drove to the office at 1059 M and entered.  No one was present, just the paperwork.  Against logic but wanting to do ‘the right thing,’ III signed, sight unseen.  III didn’t even know a lawyer who would look at the agreement anyway, and who would think that the family wouldn’t have his best interest in mind.  Further, it was described as just a stock consolidation, and III thought there would still be will a hearing, so on and so forth.

7.       April or Early May, D calls III into his office.  Makes an agreement to pay III $1,000 NET, $1,365 GROSS, and $$$$ after 40 hours.  III agrees.  They work the entire 2010 season.

8.       During the 2011 snow season III’s truck becomes repeatedly vandalized.  III gets strange phone calls, his computer is repeatedly hacked, and unknown people were parked out in front of his house, often seen taking notes.

9.       They return to work for the 2011  season.  A few weeks go by, and much to everyone’s surprise, III is still gainfully employed.  A worker TJ  remarked to III one morning ‘you still have your insurance?, she said you were supposed to lose your insurance.’  III has no idea what this guy is talking about, but then again, he looked at III one day and remarked ‘you killed me.’  His son      (C R) also crashed his car in front of the shop previous to this, and on TJ’s first day of work when III asked who hired him TJ stated ‘I hope to finish my career here.’  No other response.  This is an example of the prevailing attitude.  “Just ignore III, and logic, he isn’t really important…”

10.  J and D show up on a job on RT 5 in Wallingford and tell III that he needs to go to a CRISIS   CENTER.    In the middle of a working day.  III was very confused and stated that III was at work to work.  They leave the job site.

11.   A few days later, III asked his brother if he had any awareness of his ongoing identity theft.  C said III should stay home and he would just send  III his check.  No one tried to stop this.  III made a decision that C looked ready to physically defend himself [start to fist fight], and III only wanted to know if  C could help solve the identity theft issue.  Not wishing to fight, III turned around, got in his car and left.

12.   As Discussed, III was paid to stay home for five months.  Another contractor did work on J’s driveway, GP.  J thought maybe III would finish the season with him.  III’s brother C refused to allow GP  Sr. use any of ‘his’ paving equipment.  Talks fell through, and III has been sent away to work for other contractors before.  The ‘managers’ never really liked III’s logic or question asking.

13.   Finished the 2011 season.  Did not work all winter.  No calls, no explanations.

14.   2012 season commences. Brought back on the payroll.  Same deal.  Stayed home.  Paperwork filed for cars, etc.  Couple meetings with Attorney TF.  III paid TF’s asked fees.  It was in a meeting in TF’s office where III was surprised by the path taken by Attorney Sk.  Strange words…

15.   Regardless, III signed the paperwork again, under the impression there would be a final meeting.  When II first died, III purchased some CT Probate Law books.  Every night, J and III would go over sections of the book.  Until C’s lawyers took over.

16.   III continued to receive the same check, each week, for $1,365 gross, $1,000 NET each week NO CHANGES.

17.   2012 season ends and III was dropped for seasonal lack of work.  Collected unemployment all  winter, no other work.

18.   2013 season, III was told that III couldn’t be paid the same amount.  There would have to be reductions.  III has a house and a mortgage, and after watching how much everyone is spending, III needs the piece of mind.  Can’t be bounced around from contractor to contractor, and can’t be paid inheritance in working hours.   III decided he would take the pharmacist assistant exam, as discussed with the State DOL.

19.   The Next update:

  1.  Last correspondence I received from North Branford Probate Court DID NOT list Judge F as acting Judge, it showed Town of Branford as Adjudicator.  I realize my compliance with the determination of my mom as executrix is critical to her concept of order, but no oversight has detailed the pressure she has been put under, the inequities displayed the lack of clear and accurate financial reporting, or the failing decisions and council she has been given by attorney Sk.  Attorney Sk is not listed AT ALL as an expense to the estate, and I have witnessed Mr. Sk’s payment after hearings.
  2. No personal bias against Judge.  F, but he was the person placed in charge of oversight, and No Wise Oversight has been displayed to my eye.  In fact, when presented with the discrepancies and failing health of the business, Judge F told me ‘Dunn and Bradstreet is not a reliable source of information.’  Any Judge who would seek to rule this information as ‘ex parte communication’ rather than as a red flag should be classified as ineffective.
  3. I have not been included in probate process, have very little clarity as to inner workings of the trust, and do not have similar opinions as management or estate attorneys.  Ultimately, it appears to me to be a clear case of Nepotism.
  4. The basic trust outlines myself and my brother only to be directly provided for through the trust.   Because my brother was chosen by my mom as the operating officer of daily activities, and it is not in his best interest to reduce his compensation or directing ability, the terms have not nearly come close to being followed.  I asked my brother if he was aware of my ongoing identity theft three years ago, and he refused to answer and told me to stay home.  I discussed pharmacy technician training, which I paid for previous to this discussion, with estate attorney  Sk, and he told me the estate didn’t have the money.  My mom wrote me a check this past August to cover expenses, including to rebuild a hacked computer, after I passed the test.  But the trust is clear that I don’t need to beg or claim inequality.  The estate should flow through her as executrix to cover equal disbursements to myself and my brother, UNLESS SHE SPECIFICALLY GIVES CAUSE OR REASON.  I have not heard any such need.
  5. The business is being engineered to appear failing, so that any future requests that I might make will be non-payable because of financial crisis.  Unfortunately for the business management staff, the application of this concept to business creditors has landed the business in court; according to my mom.  Judge F stated to me the extra profits from the business should fund the trust, but being in the type of industry that it is in creates the situation of perpetual non-profitability.  If this is the case, then the estate will never pay a cent because I do not directly work for the business in any capacity.  This was the lawyers’ construction.
  6. My mom feels shut out from her grandchildren  [my brother and sister-in-law] and therefore obligated to appease whenever possible to earn visitation rights.  My sister-in-law has hacked my Gmail account attached to my cell phone [2012], I bought the hardware, company provided data plan [email attached to and set up with new number generation attached to hardware device].  She reassigned my number to a different employee, no notice no chance to stop it.  This created emotional duress when I found out and I was forced to react quickly, cancelling everything, while on my way to a funeral.  My mom found out over a year later HER personal cell phone was hacked by Megan as well, through my brother’s telling.  My brother and sister-in-law hacked each other’s phones, GPS, call lists, text contents, contact lists, etc.   The family attorney L, W and Sk have provided no direction, neither Judge F.  Their Facebook page recently displayed harassing statements, including my sister-in-law threatening to sue my Mom [as told to her by my Uncle Dante, the corporation’s secretary].  Incidents always occur timed with my life events;  the week I wrote Judge F citing his oversights, my brother and sister went to lawyers to get divorce paperwork.  Three weeks ago I was told about the Facebook Commentary, after I was discharged from the first job I obtained since my father’s passing.  I have that DOL hearing this coming Monday, October 28, 2013.  The DOL is claiming it was my ‘performance.’  Maybe Great Performance, or great acting by the dismissing employer, but that’s another discussion…
  7. I have received no reassurance of anyone’s custodial or fiduciary duties toward me.  Two payroll economic stimulus packages ago, I was denied receipt of the extra 2% employee rebate.  My father was still alive, and he rectified the situation after a couple of months.  This past 2011 2% rebate program, I received no increase Net or Gross earnings.  I told my mother, and my uncle.  My uncle told me ‘just kidding, but this happened to you because you voted for Barak Obama.’
  8. The company, as told to me, is going through tough times.  I have not  been represented in this case.  I have had great difficulty in getting representation AT ALL throughout this process.  The one lawyer I retained, was unable to clarify to me why I needed to sign the agreement initially granting my mom consolidation, when there was supposedly a clear transition outlined in Attorney  St’s documentation.  The second question was why I needed to sign over ownership of my father’s personal vehicles when they should have been correctly placed into the St Trust Container.  This past August 2013 I was told to buy my car that I paid for, from my mom for $1.  Her boyfriend prepared the paperwork.  It would be my duty to re-register the vehicle because she wanted to eliminate the “MAISANO BROS or MAISANO BROS” from the State DMV Database.  How this construction was created or why it persisted was never explained to me, but I hope this is NOT a dissolution of inheritance not discussed BUT PROVIDED TO ME IN SOME UNDISCLOSED DOCUMENT. 
  9. THE ONLY ITEM GIVEN DIRECTLY TO ME BY MY FATHER IS A MOBIL GAS CARD, PAID FOR THROUGH MAISANO BROS INC.  I use approximately $50 per week in gas.  In late July early August  this card was ‘Temporarily Cancelled’ without my notice.  In fact, I was aware of the card’s expiration date months earlier, and asked my mom if it would be renewed.  She answered affirmatively  YES.  ON MY BIRTHDAY NIGHT, APRIL 13TH 2013, she told me the other direct passage item, a Home Depot Card that my father gave to me so that I could always perform repairs to my house, was reported ‘Stolen’ to the Home Depot Credit Company.  When I called to clarify the situation, Home Depot Credit told me it was reported Stolen, though it may have been lost.  I was holding the card in my hand.  It always is a situation of prepare the people against me to act strong and take bold steps to control me or force me to lose something.  When they are confronted, the opposition switches to a meeker disposition, offering to ‘help me out.’
  10.   I shouldn’t have to lose my house.  In fact, many of the deeds at the town halls,  once showed Anthony Maisano only or Anthony Maisano and  Joan Maisano second.  This included the property where my Brother and Sister-in-Law reside.  Ownership transfer aside, the sources of confusion, and the complexity of how to deal with my personal share of inheritance have been made clear to me.  There is no inheritance for me.
  11.   My brother used Attorney L in cases when my father was alive.  Soon after my father’s death, my brother Chris told Attorney St  ‘his guy would take over.  I was surprised to see Attorney Sk work as the work filed to the State.  This makes it appear as if I was sued and never told.  My mom and the estate utilizes Attorney Sk exclusively now, after I pointed out my thoughts on conflict of interest.  But Attorney Sk is Attorney L partner.  St and Bd deny new work creation since the documents were created WHEN MY FATHER WAS ALIVE, then filed after I was told I needed to sign the consolidation agreement in 2010.  I do feel that I have no recourse, and witnessing the dissolution of organization each time a generation dies, I have little hope for future enforcement base upon THE ETHICAL REMEMBRANCE OF THE PAST.  I am aware of my mother’s place, but the free for all has been proven by landing in current bankruptcy court, and cancellation of the Asphalt Plant account with balance due.  Other  accounts are also un-payable, and it’s based on the lack of oversight of Judge F to attest to the correct containerization and ongoing business consideration and estate health.

Post conversation thoughts:

CT mentioned to me that the reason for Judge F asking to be removed from the case was one of his, Judge F’s, Clients, asked for his help in getting paid from Maisano Brothers Paving.  He felt it was a conflict of interest, and heretofore was removed.



Age of Masonic Diversification through Morgan’s Degree Proliferation in America

Part I  [this paper is unfinished]

The first half of the nineteenth century brought a basic enlightenment to the American Worker. The printing press emblazoned transcendent words at previously unknown rates. Publishing House owners vigorously sought to reproduce manuscripts that would incite, as well as enlighten. Text was a banquet to many hungry subjects. Typed set works replaced vocal soliloquies and eliminated variations caused by verbal recollections.

The Free Thinking Secularists seized upon this opportunity. Thoughtful printings became the torch in the dark cave for many Americans. By 1830, Voltaire was fully engaged in the social reformation of France, and even unknown laborers were able to cement their ideas into the historical record. The bible was popular in the New Colonies, but shrewd publishers became sensitive for the next bestseller. These fellows realized new ideas of men made old opinions pliable. From tavern to grocery store, people started conversations about these newly etched texts. Printed documentation created brilliant order as well as chaos, and a perfect circle of observational propagation.

William Morgan was a humble stone mason. He achieved basic mastery in creating brick walls, stone foundations, and other more specialized operative works. Morgan had arch and building construction skills at his fingertips. Like many traveling journeymen, a map of the world was etched onto his face. But before he could reap the rewards of his apprenticeship, Morgan vanished. He left behind a wife, Lucinda, a newly born baby, and a peaceful home. He was used to traveling around when work presented itself. But when he decided to write about the square, plumb and level that Speculative Masons understood, his foundational stability disappeared… as well as his physical body.

William Morgan stood 5 foot, 6 inches tall. Average height by today’s standards. He has been described as being muscular, tattooed and of Caribbean complexion. He possessed matted curly grey hair, which also populated throughout his body. He served in the U.S. Army during the War of 1812. Morgan finished his service with the title of ‘Captain’ under Andrew Jackson’s command. He then trained to become a stone mason, his next career. After serving his country, and developing a professional skill, he married in 1816. Morgan wed Lucinda Pendleton, daughter of a Methodist Minister. The ceremony took place in Culpepper County, VA.

William Morgan worked as an operative stone mason for two years, meticulously saving his wages. Morgan took his savings to York, Canada [today known as Ontario], and purchased a brewery. Becoming a business owner was near the summit of the social ladder in his day. Unfortunately, his business later caught on fire. Leaving the ashes behind, Morgan moved to Rochester, New York. He was still an Operative Mason, skilled in bricklaying and stonework. He also demonstrated a knowledge of speculative masonry as well. Morgan was versed in its rites and history. Though a property and business owner, he never could produce his references or Masonic Traveler’s Papers. This fact was later used against him by neighbors and Masonic brothers hungry for the knowledge Morgan possessed.

Morgan penned Seven sections of Masonic Ritual Work. He detailed the first three ‘Blue Lodge’ degrees, and what his peers labeled the more exclusive ‘York Rite’ degrees. Each section’s release seemed to erase a part of Morgan’s physical presence. The Anti-Masonic Party structure coalesced, and American Citizens simultaneously forgot the bliss of Eden preached to them. New political platforms were created, and elections were influenced. Masonic membership had tumbled from a place of golden membership because many Freemasons sought to conceal the rituals and any secret from general townsman deemed necessary. Some observers lost faith in the admission criteria, and the quality of character that entered into the lodges. This short period also demonstrated the change in the scale of power, tipping back toward organized religion and outcast politicians.

Morgan’s publications and subsequent physical disappearance would open a communications gate. Though he was unable to harvest this forbidden fruit, the mysteries of his work would re-popularize a hidden path. Others published their rituals and teachings after Morgan’s sacrifice. American Masonry would take seventy-five years to fully reconcile and incorporate this knowledge. William Morgan sacrificed his life to preserve the craft, carrying ritual, and freedom of speech, into the modern era.

That is the basic life outline of William Morgan’s living days. Notwithstanding the ‘why’ chapter on Morgan’s disappearance and demise, this paper seeks to explore how Morgan’s contributions, both printed and documented, preserved interest in American Masonic Membership. William Morgan, like many of his contemporaries at the time, tended to spend free moments in their local pubs. The inflammatory nature of his late texts, and the bounty offered to him for the knowledge contained infuriated masons and non-masons alike. Times like these illustrate why some men’s works need a caretaker to preserve for posterity the critical bravery exemplified. Thomas Paine had Benjamin Offen and Moncure Daniel Conway. The spirit and light of William Morgan’s work was protected by a 30-year-old printer named Thurlow Weed.

Let’s add some quick facts to Morgan’s case profile. August 7, 1826 is the generally accepted date of the first delivery of Morgan’s First Degree of Blue Lodge Ritual. Morgan delivered his second and third by August ninth. None of these three degrees were compensated for any amount close to what was promised. Today, it is illegal to withhold an employee’s paycheck “hostage.” Imagine the increasing pressure of circumstances on the young father, William Morgan.

Morgan’s works are not the first printings of Masonic Degrees. Ben Franklin published a previously penned edition in 1734, prior to his election of Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. Masonry Dissected was printed in London four years earlier in 1730. And in 1762, Jachin and Boaz was published by Sam Pritchard. Morgan was not the first to publish Masonic works or ritual details. He just wasn’t liked by the people around him.  And townsmen chose to test the power of the printing press and an American’s right to Freedom of Speech.

The Temperance Movement reached critical mass by 1828. Of course, a wave’s peak is preceded by a great force as to move the water’s figurative inertia. Morgan owned a brewery. He also was a hard working man, who enjoyed the company of fellow workers in the local pub. Relaxing with his belly full of spirits and talking about the issues of the day was common fare. Some have pointed to this camaraderie as the working man’s chance to practice speaking and expand thoughts not contemplated during working hours. Spirits provided a lubricity to the mind, and the Temperance Movement sought to stifle free thought, and free thought created during these pub times. Some men silently speculated education belonged to select groups and privileged classes. William Morgan represented a coalescing group of ‘working class values’ which later would challenge existing religious and caste system power structuring. Not everything that flowed out the exit of the pubs was constructive. But the Temperance Movement sought to shut off the taps of flowing thought. With the help of disgruntled men displaced from career politics, church leaders and followers who lost ground during the proliferation of printed and discussed ideas, and old money elitists who frowned upon the upward mobility of the journeying worker, the  Temperance Movement took root and applied the brakes to open expression. People just didn’t like Morgan’s type of person, and the educated working class he represented.

Masons in general were under societal scrutiny because of their secretive and fraternal nature. Morgan was an accepted Mason of Blue Lodge education. The Canadian Masonic Research Organization documented that Morgan was initiated into Masonic Rites in 1815, New Brunswick, Canada. He moved around wherever work took him. Lodges like to retain their members, and the unsettled journeying of Morgan’s profession could have upset some Lodge Masters. There is also a note that Morgan belonged to Perry Lodge number 320. This note is firm because he was expelled for un-masonic behavior in July 1826. This date is approximately one month before his first written ritual submission. These facts illustrate that Morgan was indeed an accepted Mason at a point previous to the population’s jealousies and greed. Because all this data is preserved and searchable contributes to the theory that Morgan, his life, writings and his biographical record, preserved masonry during a period of societal riptidal pressures. People of his day did not like Morgan himself, Masons in general, and most importantly, educated working class citizens in total.

Besides the political turmoil churning in the water, William Morgan’s life, and printing activities, is situated between two critical time points in Masonic History.  Some scholars point to TWO great Schisms in Freemasonry, 1753 and 1877.  A second group split off from the main Grand Lodge of England, choosing to pursue the very extension of masonry that William Morgan wrote about.  This group professed an extension of the three main degrees of masonry, adding a resolved set called The Holy Royal Arch.  This provided a more complete look at the third degree.  Members of this new group called themselves ‘Antients,’ and were typically composed of a more working class and more Christian set of individuals.  The remaining original group, now called the ‘Moderns,’ changed some of their secret modes of recognition to differentiate themselves.  Another famous mason who fell prey to this schism was Ben Franklin.  Author and researcher Steven C. Bullock has stated that because Franklin’s lodge switched to Antient, his Deist religious choices caused his brothers to not give him a Masonic Funeral. *

By 1813, the Grand Lodge of England folded both schools of thought into a combined United Grand Lodge of England.  This was done by a meticulous and agreed upon wording of encompassing thoughts.  In addition, by 1815, both aristocrats AND working class, education levels, and religious preferences were all allowed to meet on the level.[Christians, Deists, Pantheists, Old English origins;  a higher power, later the supreme being concept]  *

Changes moved slowly from the epicenter of Schism and Healing.  By the time of Morgan’s disappearance in 1826, Masonic differences could have made their way to America, especially through Canada.  An additional set of behavior that is witnessed through Morgan’s life is a willingness to discuss religion and politics among Masons, and more particularly, inside the Lodge.  In France, lodges moved to a greater acceptance of diversity, choosing to allow atheists to join.  The French during this period were more likely to recognize women as masons and co-masons.  These factors caused a second fracture point,  between 1849 and 1877, in the language admission requirements between the United Grand Lodge of England and the French lodges, known as GOdF.  * 

A second theory about The Morgan Affair is as mentioned earlier, Ben Franklin previously transcribed a Masonic Text.  He also is known to visit French Lodges a few times throughout history.  Morgan might have been the sacrificial lamb between the Masons and non-Masons, the developing schools of the Craft, and Protestantism, Catholicism and Atheism.  By 1815 UGLE constitutions were changed to accommodate a ‘glorious Architect’ language, although Latin countries were openly pressured to still admit atheists.  In 1849 GOdF adopted the ‘Supreme Being’ language.  There are also newer Rites created to make reference to a ‘symbol.’  In 1877, the GOdF reverted to the original Anderson’s Constitutions admission requirements.  In fact today, in 2013, the Grand Lodge of Connecticut is discussing clarifications to its Landmark’s language.  One clarification pertains to the Grand Architect of the Universe’s definition.  Morgan could have just gotten caught up in the spin cycle of his day, unable to weather the storm that still stirs to this day…  *

William Morgan’s story is retold to this day. It is a basic construct told to all entry level Masons to traditionally teach the values of temperance, caution and respect of the values Masonry teaches. Many texts point to Morgan’s disappearance as an end game of what can happen when rules aren’t followed. Society in general has used dark crayons to stain the real achievement of William Morgan’s works. He was a hard working professional actual operative mason. He proved his ability to communicate verbally and textually through his works. He could adapt to new surroundings quickly, and showed a willingness to preserve his posterity through marriage and child rearing. A regular American guy whose life is ‘caste’ concretely in Masonic and Educational history books.

The greatest achievement of Morgan’s legacy is the fact that we remember him. The man and his attachment to Masonry have outlived The Temperance Movement, American Church Repression, and all those who chose to injure self-perfection and intellectual development. This is the American flag that waves today.  Morgan is part of a select group of Americans who challenged all opposing forces. He reminds young men that a higher level of thought exists, and it is what membership in American Freemasonry states it provides arena for. William Morgan helped protect the notion of Masonry from being extinguished and erased from all historical knowledge, as today’s Discovery Channel productions and lighter publications remind us that American Freemasonry is alive and kicking.  William Morgan exemplifies many virtues a man should strive for a ctizen on the path towards enlightenment.

End of first section.

All facts verifiable unless otherwise noted in Robert Berry’s The Bright Mason, An American History…

all paragraphs marked by * based upon an article from []

American Freedoms: Definitive Methods of Expansion vs Reductions

An Open Letter to Mr. Limbaugh…

Here is a letter I sent to Rush Limbaugh a few days ago.  The amount of malaise shown in congressional feet dragging is becoming an unfortunate state of normality.  We, as a nation, seem to be generating the stimulus for Congressional Change.  But our Government appears to be continually falling short on bringing common sense concepts to a vote.

My point is this… the American Experiment provides for freedom expansion with an invisible ink like test as follows…  The Founding Fathers KNEW that they couldn’t envision every possible freedom or category of freedom its citizens would pursue.  In the case of Second Amendment Gun Protection Rights, assault weapons are the pursuit under  Legislative Discussion in 2013.

American Government has allowed, for short periods of time throughout history, citizens to “try” things that conservative protective minds would not normally allow.  When these test groups over-expand their boundaries by causing FEAR in their figurative neighbors, our literal authorities enforce existing legislation, halting freedom’s expansion.

This ebb and flow is called the Legislative, Judicial and Executive Progress.  It is what binds all American Citizens under the framework called Democracy.

When our children and innocent by-standers are murdered by the use of high powered weaponry, out side of the physical confines of our homes and organizational clubs, the expansion of the test group’s freedom has usurped the general freedoms specifically provided for in the words of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  That is the beauty of our Founding Fathers’ built in flexibility.

What Congress needs to decide now is whether or not the current series of gun violence which we have witnessed through our media and conversations has been a reflection of a new cultural movement or a sparked ignition of dormant powder kegs.  Sudden escalation or slow progression, the victims of gun violence voices’  Need to be heard.

Not silenced forever.

And when legislation IS passed, or a group falsely accuses someone or some people on infringing on their given rights, American’s have an elected Executive Branch and our Judicial System to rectify the artificial and false voice.  Lastly, there is a ‘fourth branch’ which doesn’t have direct Constitutional modification abilities, called the media.

I created the device of using Mr. LaPierre’s vocal qualities speaking MY thoughts to provide an even measure of the FOR and AGAINST Assault Weapon Control argument.    Picture this…

Here’s my Letter:

Mr. Limbaugh,

[Channeling my best LaPierre]  Don’t you just think that this whole gun debate, as with debates on freedoms that have come before, are America’s test on ALL the constitutional rights granted to us?  If all the gun holding American’s spoke up as strongly for Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Privacy, Rights over the human body, Freedom of Choice and for equality and fair and humane treatment…

This isn’t Libertarian support, or bleeding Dem or wishing for the past Right Wing GOP… it’s basic intelligence.  How many people do you talk to, come on your show, write to you, claiming to support the constitution?  I sat in and helped with many We The People meetings, and I think for many individuals, freedom only applies when people selectively need it.

I know you are a very smart man, but the Constitution and Bill of Rights are a package… we can choose to ignore parts but Choice, Speech, Privacy and Equality are the source from where all else flows.  Second Amendment allows Americans, when these aforementioned four are not being protected or are being directly infringed upon in the face of tyranny, to personally ensure that the individual’s Speech, Privacy, Choice and Equality are protect through a package in the manner as if we, American Citizens of 2013, were the person or persons signing OUR names to the sacred parchments.  I hope we don’t rip the whole thing up because we can’t recognize the rights of ALL individuals, as in ALL Americans of 2013 signed that sacred paperwork.  This is how the INDIVIDUAL coalesces into the COLLECTIVE.

Perhaps some of the Fortune 500, greatest money contributors, Independently wealthy, Politically Powerful, should recognize how EVERY individual in America has these unalienable rights…AND HOW ALL INDIVIDUALS FORM THE COLLECTIVE CALLED THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, FOR THE LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE, OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE.  And justice for all.

No one should tear up these rights in the local selfish skirmish of who gets more and why.  Live free or die, but no one should DESTROY the our rights granted through our declarations.  And no one should take so much freedom to infringe on some one else’s, THE COLLECTIVE…

Grateful to be an American,

Anthony Maisano III

February 2013