My Comments on CNN’s web page in response to gun control debate bill.

Article entitled “Senate rejects expanded gun background checks” [By Ted Barrett and Tom Cohen, CNN updated 11:02 AM EDT, Thu April 18, 2013]

Expanding these thoughts for further research–


1.  In regards to elongated gun clips…They may fit, but they seem to CLEARLY VIOLATE U.S. patent law. They do not hold to the original design of the weapon application. Further, the longer clips may resemble a totally different weapon, perhaps patented by another designer. Give this one to the lawyers, it’s floating in the water…

2.  It is a shame that this ‘common sense bill’ that is designed to protect logical people from illogical, non-common sense activities was done under the screen of another Great City’s hour of need. Maybe the judges need to be viewed as what they are, illogical…  [Boston, Newtown previous]

3.  Isn’t it amazing that the religious right faction can’t see that their draconian stance on a woman’s right to choose IS IN DIRECT CONFLICT with SENSIBLE gun legislation. Pro-life on one but support choice on another. Guess choice really is most important. Why lack the courage to act in a Reasonable AND Consistent manner across related issues. And by the way, high school physics class reminds us loaded GUNS DO KILL PEOPLE, it’s called POTENTIAL ENERGY. But if you could pass a background check and gun safety class successfully, you would know this.
Midterm elections are coming soon.

[full disclosure:  I do believe in pro-choice, death penalty under highest standards of proof, and a documented and acceptable path for and INDIVIDUAL’s choice of euthanasia]

To sum yesterday’s vote up, I turn to a comment I made in SUPPORT of Kid Rock’s Flip on the GOP’s FLOPS.  His article entitled “Kid Rock on His $20 Tour and ‘Dumbass Republicans’ ” on the magazine Rolling Stone website…[By Andy Greene, April 10, 2013 3:20 PM ET]

Glad Kid Rock has seen through this one…GOP fails to understand that their ‘flip – flops’ target the SAME PEOPLE! GOP says ‘all people have rights and we[ the GOP] need to respect these people more.’ But the other side of their mouths talk about acknowledgement means the power to take away.
Honestly, how can a GOP vote be cast when they strive to take more freedom away than they protect. Glad Kid Rock said it, d. a.– If a kid like me said that a drone would be sent to follow me around. Bad Business!

Apparently, the parts of the brain don’t communicate well with one another. 

This flag won’t stitch up.


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