first draft…

Best Macro Concepts:
1. Strengthen Mexican Economy [foreign lands seem less appealing when good things are going on at home]
2. Continue De-Criminalizing Least Harmful Street Drugs. [this weakens cartels, money laundering, petty crimes, and needs for gun violence] Pursue a more reasonable prescription policy adjusting requests made by legitimate patients; this will lessen the appetite for street substitutes. The policy is to capture the greatest number of satisfied patients under Correct Medical Supervision…

The premise of United States time period 2000 was / is use inexpensive labor to fill the jobs that are harder on the human body and more difficult to insure, and Re-Educate America into higher quality jobs…


Inflation: In general, wage and price controls are regarded as a temporary and exceptional measure, only effective when coupled with policies designed to reduce the underlying causes of inflation during the wage and price control regime, for example, winning the war being fought. They often have perverse effects, due to the distorted signals they send to the market. Artificially low prices often cause rationing and shortages and discourage future investment, resulting in yet further shortages. The usual economic analysis is that any product or service that is under-priced is over consumed. For example, if the official price of bread is too low, there will be too little bread at official prices, and too little investment in bread making by the market to satisfy future needs, thereby exacerbating the problem in the long-term. [Inflation, Wikipedia] THIS IS THE JOB CREATORS’ REASON FOR CHEAP LABOR…

Construction Business Concept: To save as much money while carrying the largest, most inexpensive crew, maximizing profits and minimizing economic inflation because consumers would have less paycheck and store will eventually find cheaper goods to match reduced buying power.

Witnessed this issue since 2006… went to work for Stop and Shop Distribution for four years 2002-2006, after closure, previous firm had hired approximately four to six ‘dreamers’ from agriculture farms and relatives of said farm workers.

Dreamer’s Skills: Very Hard Workers, Willing to learn quickly and work very cheaply relative to markets, Great attendance. Good Friends.

My analysis of THE PLAN:  Firm installed ‘dreamers’ in most skilled job categories AND low-level slots. Dreamers were taught just enough skills to ‘get by,’ not near enough to excel.  Firm practiced ‘just look the other way’ concerning documentation standards.

Results: General RESET of labor market, profits go into owner’s pockets. Twenty-five to Fifty cent raises every year or two is the maximum standard.
*Workers started out with $9 to $11 per hour; that’s about five to six dollars an hour LESS than the market would bear, about ten dollars per hour under ‘Prevailing Wage’ standard rates.
*Without teaching absolute best skill practices, ‘just good enough’ became the norm because no ‘dreamer’ could do better work than an American native.
*Names and identifying numbers are never validated, just accepted. NO Background Checks performed. All use out-of-state Driver’s License and Car Registration Plates. The cheap hourly makes it worth it.

Prevailing Wage Jobs get VERY difficult to track because workers don’t always have genuine tax numbers or even accurate names… how would they expect to receive the correct wage. This hurts companies trying to keep accurate records.

Problems with Prevailing Wage: Prevailing Wage is the computed Actual Living Wage that should be paid for a particular job to a worker to enable someone to live. Government Funded Projects and Mixed Bid Jobs REQUIRE owners to pay Prevailing Wage to employees listed on job rosters. In my case, my firm has paid me to stay home, after a manufactured crisis. My name is listed on all of the prevailing wage ‘job rosters’ to capture the greatest pay per man. If undocumented workers are substituted, more can be added per one prevailing wage worker, which affects the bottom line productivity. Most important, owner’s can skim the difference between Prevailing Wage and Actual Wage Paid, pocketing the difference. Owner’s many not even tell workers they are working on a Prevailing Wage Job, where the same errors occur.

Undocumented and Dreamers have always formed a critical piece of America’s labor force. Unfortunately, owners use this labor pool to destroy regulations designed to protect the worker AND the economy… this undermining for owner benefit IS a large reason for the delay in Economic Recovery. THAT’S WHY FIXING IMMIGRATIONS, CLARIFYING THE TAX CODE, along with improvements in the E-verify and State Database systems ARE CRITICAL to this Economic Rehabilitation Effort.

General Conclusions:
1. Enforce Employee background checks, ex. E-verify
2. Better Employee documentation, cross-reference checking with existing databases… ex: in CT, deceased person remains in CT DMV database for SEVEN Years, POSSIBLE LOOP HOLE?
3. If fines are to be levied, should be shared by Employer AND employee
4. Back of the line will hurt established dreamers b/c new immigrants won’t posses the same job and life skills
5. Dreamer’s should have a path to citizenship, but with clean criminal records
6. NEW identity numbers should be issued AND old ones researched, documented AND FULLY Traced Out—get ready for more theft charges.
7. Dreamer’s should document their addresses, they should be verified and checked for housing violations
8. CT NEEDS Construction Jobs…Employers found guilty of Gross Labor Practices should be fined and made examples of so an Accurate Floor can be established for each sector. Customers should know what type of contractor they are hiring, and citizens should expect to be paid for a fair day’s work.
9. Car Insurance needs to be documented correctly…this is a huge area of financial loss
10. Over-time laws need to be enforced. Accurate Pay for Accurate Numbers.

These ideas WON’T raise prices if JOB CREATORS realize the Easy Money Ride is over and get some ETHICS. Fines should be levied for disrespectful employers because THEY are the ones fueling the system. This will not affect inflation, just cause JOB CREATORS to spend wisely, or work harder themselves!  Consumers set the price of goods by showing willingness to pay for them, or not.

My biggest concern with Immigrations is the degree of Identity Theft that MUST, by Necessity, occur for undocumented to continue working. This has many unfortunate results. For example, My Grandfather was Anthony Maisano, SR. My Father was Anthony Maisano, JR and I am Anthony Maisano III. My father and grandfather are both dead, but at different times, we all lived in the same house, at 1059 Middletown Ave, Northford CT. Talk about a land record nightmare. [I do not live there anymore]  Also, deceased persons remain in many databases, ex CT DMV for a period of seven years. This is one open window for duplication. When someone registers for a SSN and Voting rights in a town, then moves, all records DO NOT update to new location. Another area for exploitation.
The Challenge is to Repair as many critical databases, possibly the creation of a national ID, without causing the panic of Big Brother Surveillance. If everyone does their part… but it appears to me the ONLY way to truly get quiet policy is to HAVE multiple aliases created for oneself because ALL DATA HAS A PRICE!

Anthony Maisano III



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