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Final Assignment…

Q:  If you’ve never gardened before, what’s the first thing you would like to plant?  If you have done some gardening, is there something featured in the course you would like to try?

A:  I would like to say I have really enjoyed taking the class. The modules have been challenging and have encouraged me to learn the topics from many different angles. I have done some basic gardening before. After completing the class, I have thought about a vegetable I would like to try growing. I have thought about a propagation technique I would like to try. I have thought of one garden theme I would like to build. Finally, I would like to try to maintain a compost -pile.

The basics of composting are not to compost things that did not once come from the kitchen table or that will end up on your future dinner plate. This is a generalization, but it makes the point that certain things people might put in a general compost pile will not break down into safe elements for a food garden. Items not to use in organic composting for edibles are Feces of any kind, Meat scraps, Bone, or non-organic Lawn Clippings. My father’s father used to maintain a compost bin. Along the rim of the trash pale, he would hang a paper bag inside of the regular plastic trash bag. When I visited him during mealtime, or when I slept over there, he sometimes would tell me to put certain things into the paper bag. He often added grapefruit skins, toast crusts, egg shells, and paper towels. There also might be some vegetable items in there. A couple of times, I put a pork chop bone or other item that did not belong. My grandmother would explain my mistake the next day to me. I would ask my grandfather if there wasn’t a way to convert everything, but he said some things were not worth the risk.

My summer group also worked on a house in Greenwich, CT this past summer, which had an official architecturally design compost station immediately preceding a lower driveway. It consisted of a poured concrete structure with 8 cans with lids set in the mold. I found this structure, because like all ‘first day’ workers, I mistakenly raked the acorns around the compost station when I was supposed to rake the edging differential gutter in the pack of Sandra bed. I lifted a couple of lids, and although the cans were empty, I knew exactly what the structure was designed for.

After learning what to use for compost, it is necessary to find a location for a typical plastic bin or hay bale arrangement. I would use a plastic bin, to ensure no smells offended the neighbors behind my house. Also, one rainy night a giant opossum climbed my front stairs and started eating the feral outdoor cats dried food. Meriden, CT was once populated by farmers, and some artifacts still remain. The opossum intimidated the cats, so it is no mystery what it will do to a garden of healthy greens.

The bin’s lid should protect the items inside. It will most likely consist of leaves and clippings. That is what I have the most of around my house. I make very little food waste per week. However, to increase the rate of compost breakdown, I do like the idea of adding red earthworms. The earthworms chew through the materials, and the digested castings exit their bodies as a finely kneaded mixture. The castings are critical for a healthy lawn. In a compost application, the earthworms rapidly break down the organics much faster than a bin without the earthworms. The bin’s contents needs to be physically turned over and kneaded by human hands, in much the same way as if hay bales were used in place of plastic. The final product is an excellent soil amendment that will fortify any patch where it is applied.

Once I have enough compost, I would like to try to grow watermelons, or muskmelons. Muskmelons were the one plant I could never bring to a successful harvest. The closest melon I grew was golf ball to tennis ball sized fruit. Inevitably, the stem between the fruit and the plant would rot out before the fruit got to mature size. The farmer across the street regularly grew muskmelons, and I asked their advice more than once. They told me I needed to plant each seeding in a mound, which I tried. I ensured no down flowing water would wash out the mounds. I heard the plants need warm temperatures, but needed partial shade so they would not burn up. I planted some in partial sun, some in partial shade, and some in filtered shade. I also tried to plant other vine vegetables nearby to determine if something else was wrong. Cucumbers and pumpkins grew fabulously in the same areas. Marigolds and sunflowers grew well also. An article from did a Raised Bed planting, and stated muskmelons and watermelons could be grown as cold as in Zone 4 [Meriden, CT is 6b, lower number means colder, greater frost exposures].

. The article didn’t really offer any secrets. But the Raised Bed Gardening solves the mounding problems. The best solution was an inset link at the bottom of the page: ‘Watermelon Growing in a Bucket.’ This is a fine example of ‘Container’ Gardening. If I was to apply this to my old garden, I would half bury the bucket in the garden. I need to make sure the plants receive at least six hours of sunlight per day. The 5-gallon buckets are first prepared with two inches of clean gravel. The remaining depth is occupied by bagged potting soil. I will again use seedlings, so in late May; I will root a seedling in a prepared bucket. The article mentions the importance of placing 10-0-0 [nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium] around the plant base, but a few inches away from the stalk. I did not do this step, and the chapters expressly recommend against fertilization. I will admit, whenever I do a transplant or a tree installation, I use a little Miracle Grow around the plant. Not at my current job however.   The article goes on to instruct fastening a 5 to 6 foot lattice section, anchored into the ground, next to the bucket. Apparently, this author elevates the vine structure by weaving the gripping curly fingers of the vine onto the trellis. Further, only two or three fruits are allowed per plant. Onion netting is fastened to the trellis and each fruit is wrapped in its own pouch. The grower needs to be aware that all weight is on the trellis [not the vine] and the 3” to 4” fruits are captured in the secured netting. The plants need to be watered once or twice per week. The tip is to ensure the soil never dries out because dry soil will trap and strangle a plant. Aqua globes will be used to make sure of sufficient watering while at work. . [] Sturdy netting and a watered Neem oil mixture are two good organic pest solutions for watermelons and muskmelons. [ ]

I would like to build a butterfly garden. The chapter gives two main recommendations. First, all butterfly gardens need a water feature. The trick is to not allow enough water which will drown the butterflies, only enough for them to be attracted to, and sip from. Second, butterflies tend to be attracted to Butterfly Weed, Buddleja Davioii, and Lantana plants. A quick read of an internet article presents further considerations. It is documented that butterflies enjoy Nectar Plants, but they also require ‘host’ plants to lay their eggs on. These host plant should be placed relatively close to the nectar plants. When the eggs hatch and little caterpillars get hungry, they eat the host plant. Fennel is an acceptable host plant. As mentioned, the host plants need to be situated very close to the Nectar plants.

The chapter makes it very clear that NO Insecticides should be used in butterfly garden. Insecticides will kill the butterflies and their young. [http://www.butterfly–] I am guessing that at some point the host plants need to be covered so birds won’t eat the eggs or hatchlings. Butterflies need full sun; so of course, I will need to plant the garden in an area with at least 8 hours of full sun. It is also a good idea for there to be some type of shelter for the butterflies. I have a 6-foot tall staircase whose underside will be suitable for a safe zone. Many butterfly plants are perennials. This means it will take two to three years from seed to get this project up and running. By purchasing potted plants and planting them in correct soil, a butterfly garden will be flying in no time.

I would like to do a plant grafting. My mother’s father used to do quite a bit of work in the garden areas in the house where I grew up. Before we ate dinner, he would work on a plant or two, trimming and watering. He would often stop by Kmart and pick up a new rose plant, on his way to my house. Occasionally a great rose plant would present itself from the garden, and I watched him attempt a semi-hard wood graft. I did not really understand what was involved, just snip and bury in new soil that had all the weeds removed, or attach to another plant.

An online article discusses the importance of finding a healthy specimen with the appearance of very strong roots. This plant is to be pruned back heavily. The pruned plant is called the scion. A cut piece of another plant with the desired rose flower is cut and then soaked in water for approximately one hour. Find a bud on the scion [host plant] and make a cut to the woody center incision above the bud, then slice back out at the bottom of the bud. The bud slice is plucked away from the woody stalk, exposing the ‘cambium’ oozy layer. The article then instructs a shallow ‘T’ shape to be made at the insertion junction of the ‘stock’ plant, or the cutting with the good flower, at the point where the graft will merge. The flaps of the cut are peeled back. The ‘T’ peel is inserted into the long cut in the scion, where the two cuts intersect. The bud faces upwards. The graft, or flower, is inserted into the plant stem down, to the point of the bud. The peeled layers are pulled back over the graft of the bud and pressed into place. Grafting tape is used to hold the fused roses together. After 7 to 10 days the entire area should be healed. []   Rooting hormone may improve grafting success [I had a hunch…]

Picture of insertion [w/o permission]: 8Edit step

Peel the corners of the “T” from the point where the lines of the “t” intersect. Place the rose bud inside the slit with the bud facing upwards. The rose bud should come into contact with two cambium layers. Pull the peeled corners back over the bud graft and press them into place.

Study done that shows rooting hormone may improve grafts—rooting hormone is also thought of as a bonding agent, selective cell propagator:

We sought to enhance that regulatory stimulus by applying a solution of a synthetic growth regulator. In the dormant season, we prepared whip-and tongue bench grafts of seven hardy varieties with potential as winter-tolerant frame builders. On half of the grafts of each variety, we applied a 2000 ppm solution of IBA (3-indole butyric acid) to the cut surface of the scion before joining stock and scion. After four weeks of callusing in a storage cellar at about 45 to 50F, we planted the grafts in the nursery; during the summer, we provided normal tillage but no irrigation. Trees were harvested in November. We evaluated each set for survival and for tree quality.

With all seven varieties, survival was greater for the IBA-treated grafts than for those not treated; with five of the varieties, all treated grafts survived


This passage [w/o permission] is from

My plan for the butterfly garden is to keep it small and manageable. A mind’s sketch is three to four nectar plants, and two fennel plants. I am thinking about a diamond shape. The perimeter will be unbounded. The garden will be located adjacent to the kitchen window. It may allow for a few herbs to be planted in future time, perhaps in submerged containers, or around a small birdbath. The rose plants will likely exist in containers on the other side of the back staircase [butterflies left facing stairs, containers right]. This will allow for simplicity and easy moving in and out of the sun.

The compost pile, muskmelon plants, rose grafting, and butterfly garden are ideas from the course I would like to try. They have jumped out from the chapters, as I was moving through the course. Planning is perhaps the most important concept reiterated in the course work. Exciting texts, concepts, and enjoyment for the hobby make it easy to begin to map inspired projects. The pre-planning is a subtle addition that makes actual planning easier when the time arrives to begin a project. It is always beneficial to keep a brain file of partially constructed sketches. This course helps achieve that very goal.


Check out the full class! Super Reasonable and for anyone that knows the Landscape Industry in the USA… there aren’t many certification opportunities available to associates or those not company attached-



GARBAGE IN = GARBAGE OUT… Easy algebra.  But translated into English coherence: The 2014 mid-term elections were NOT an indication of the Failure of The Democratic Party and the efforts of the Obama administration. The 2014 mid-term elections WERE an sign that a Greater percentage of Americans either are, or support, FAILURE. Because of all the money the insurance agencies, hospitals, doctors, and people with dictator streaks, pumped in to the ‘brainwashing’ of American voters ==> yielding:  the GOP contaminated the voting reaction.

The GOP is NOT interested in passing ANY Immigrations bill.  The last thing they want is a new unified voting block of American Workers struggling to earn a paycheck and save for their future.

Then there is the issue of the pipeline… Mary Landrieu’s pipeline full court press is about as strategic at Mitch McConnell’s “no government shutdown promise.” Senator Reed, it wasn’t important enough to ‘force’ a 2015-2015 unemployment extension bill to the President’s desk… Jobs? The job creators are only hiring Zombies, not the best qualified. The GOP is only interested in brainwashing and enslavement of the American Population. They will re-write the US Constitution if given the opportunity. Protecting against a free and democratic vote in America is the only priority of the weak desperately trying to stay in power.

GOP ‘Read My Lips…’ keep the pipeline in Canada. Send TransCanada Keystone straight out the Canadian Coast. It might be strategic to incorporate a dead-closed ‘T’ for future consideration, but Keystone XL is a homeland security nightmare and an environmental time bomb for the Gulf Region. The US will not get any of that oil and the US will not get paid ‘rent’ for it’s land usage; most certainly not commensurate with the RISKS the adjacent land basins will have to bear. The Keystone XL is not a bargaining chip…

Republicans are not interested in ANY human issue that affects the bottom 98% of Americans. Three Cheers for Scott Walker?  Come now Mr. Boehner, we all recognize that you would make a presidential candidate. It is not that I don’t like you, I am just not interested in smelling the ‘stench’ [Paul Ryan’s words] of the GOP garbage that is being left out to rot.


Many Wallet Photos…

Who Should We Protect?

 draft 3

In response to the Obama heckler, executive privilege, and, I guess, a documented immigrant male ‘married’ to an undocumented female …

I offered:

The GOP must bring its ‘A’ game. Then the 2% job creators must stop forcing the ‘average labor’ wage down by importing waves of fresh immigrant labor each season– with no regards for the infrastructure necessary to support them… And when the GOP stops accepting lobbyists money to protect this scam: I would ask the heckler ‘which wife should we protect?’ I worked with a fellow named ‘Danny’ [Jo-Jo]. My brother told me he was the best at his craft in the state of CT. His best friend [Mark] used to joke he once ‘killed someone.’ He carried three to five cell phones every day. Bunches of cell phone cards were always tucked next to the many photos of women and children. Had a wife and kids in Ecuador [names unknown]. A ‘wife’ in New Jersey [Janelle]. A local ‘wife’ named ‘Emma.’ A ‘wife’ from Puerto Rico who came to visit a few times [‘P.R.’, ‘Texas’]. A few other ‘wives’ that used to call while the rest of us worked.  [stay away from Meriden, Jo Jo, you have enough wives…]  When Jo-Jo couldn’t urinate, my mother paid about $30,000 for New Jersey, New York and Meriden, CT hospital bills [mom’s statement].  He probably checked himself in as me, because without good identification, WHO ARE YOU?  Now my brother employs another look-alike, Gustav, to shade the imposter Jo-Jo.  Of course, Gus is ‘married’ and has children.  How many wives are we up to now?

This story is not meant to stereotype. This story illustrates exploitation.  Executive privilege is not a magic wand to banish the chaos the GOP and Job Creators have wished for.  This undocumented, partially documented and mostly documented personhood problem makes a minotaur’s labyrinth of America’s data collection systems.  Citizenship carries responsibilities to your home, your relationships, the law and your country.  If the word ‘citizen’ is what truly describes the people the heckler was shouting about. Would the heckling man wish this change on all the ‘players’ out there, or when he was out with his boys, checking the chicas? Where is home when wives and children dot the World Map?

We all ‘dream’ of doing the right thing. Maybe it’s time for the GOP and Job Creators to put their money where their mouth is and make their employees fully VISABLE. After all, it is the 2% who are promoting this invisible nation of anarchy, our United States of Exploitation.

These 2% Turkeys do not need executive pardoning.

Anthony Maisano III




first draft…

Best Macro Concepts:
1. Strengthen Mexican Economy [foreign lands seem less appealing when good things are going on at home]
2. Continue De-Criminalizing Least Harmful Street Drugs. [this weakens cartels, money laundering, petty crimes, and needs for gun violence] Pursue a more reasonable prescription policy adjusting requests made by legitimate patients; this will lessen the appetite for street substitutes. The policy is to capture the greatest number of satisfied patients under Correct Medical Supervision…

The premise of United States time period 2000 was / is use inexpensive labor to fill the jobs that are harder on the human body and more difficult to insure, and Re-Educate America into higher quality jobs…


Inflation: In general, wage and price controls are regarded as a temporary and exceptional measure, only effective when coupled with policies designed to reduce the underlying causes of inflation during the wage and price control regime, for example, winning the war being fought. They often have perverse effects, due to the distorted signals they send to the market. Artificially low prices often cause rationing and shortages and discourage future investment, resulting in yet further shortages. The usual economic analysis is that any product or service that is under-priced is over consumed. For example, if the official price of bread is too low, there will be too little bread at official prices, and too little investment in bread making by the market to satisfy future needs, thereby exacerbating the problem in the long-term. [Inflation, Wikipedia] THIS IS THE JOB CREATORS’ REASON FOR CHEAP LABOR…

Construction Business Concept: To save as much money while carrying the largest, most inexpensive crew, maximizing profits and minimizing economic inflation because consumers would have less paycheck and store will eventually find cheaper goods to match reduced buying power.

Witnessed this issue since 2006… went to work for Stop and Shop Distribution for four years 2002-2006, after closure, previous firm had hired approximately four to six ‘dreamers’ from agriculture farms and relatives of said farm workers.

Dreamer’s Skills: Very Hard Workers, Willing to learn quickly and work very cheaply relative to markets, Great attendance. Good Friends.

My analysis of THE PLAN:  Firm installed ‘dreamers’ in most skilled job categories AND low-level slots. Dreamers were taught just enough skills to ‘get by,’ not near enough to excel.  Firm practiced ‘just look the other way’ concerning documentation standards.

Results: General RESET of labor market, profits go into owner’s pockets. Twenty-five to Fifty cent raises every year or two is the maximum standard.
*Workers started out with $9 to $11 per hour; that’s about five to six dollars an hour LESS than the market would bear, about ten dollars per hour under ‘Prevailing Wage’ standard rates.
*Without teaching absolute best skill practices, ‘just good enough’ became the norm because no ‘dreamer’ could do better work than an American native.
*Names and identifying numbers are never validated, just accepted. NO Background Checks performed. All use out-of-state Driver’s License and Car Registration Plates. The cheap hourly makes it worth it.

Prevailing Wage Jobs get VERY difficult to track because workers don’t always have genuine tax numbers or even accurate names… how would they expect to receive the correct wage. This hurts companies trying to keep accurate records.

Problems with Prevailing Wage: Prevailing Wage is the computed Actual Living Wage that should be paid for a particular job to a worker to enable someone to live. Government Funded Projects and Mixed Bid Jobs REQUIRE owners to pay Prevailing Wage to employees listed on job rosters. In my case, my firm has paid me to stay home, after a manufactured crisis. My name is listed on all of the prevailing wage ‘job rosters’ to capture the greatest pay per man. If undocumented workers are substituted, more can be added per one prevailing wage worker, which affects the bottom line productivity. Most important, owner’s can skim the difference between Prevailing Wage and Actual Wage Paid, pocketing the difference. Owner’s many not even tell workers they are working on a Prevailing Wage Job, where the same errors occur.

Undocumented and Dreamers have always formed a critical piece of America’s labor force. Unfortunately, owners use this labor pool to destroy regulations designed to protect the worker AND the economy… this undermining for owner benefit IS a large reason for the delay in Economic Recovery. THAT’S WHY FIXING IMMIGRATIONS, CLARIFYING THE TAX CODE, along with improvements in the E-verify and State Database systems ARE CRITICAL to this Economic Rehabilitation Effort.

General Conclusions:
1. Enforce Employee background checks, ex. E-verify
2. Better Employee documentation, cross-reference checking with existing databases… ex: in CT, deceased person remains in CT DMV database for SEVEN Years, POSSIBLE LOOP HOLE?
3. If fines are to be levied, should be shared by Employer AND employee
4. Back of the line will hurt established dreamers b/c new immigrants won’t posses the same job and life skills
5. Dreamer’s should have a path to citizenship, but with clean criminal records
6. NEW identity numbers should be issued AND old ones researched, documented AND FULLY Traced Out—get ready for more theft charges.
7. Dreamer’s should document their addresses, they should be verified and checked for housing violations
8. CT NEEDS Construction Jobs…Employers found guilty of Gross Labor Practices should be fined and made examples of so an Accurate Floor can be established for each sector. Customers should know what type of contractor they are hiring, and citizens should expect to be paid for a fair day’s work.
9. Car Insurance needs to be documented correctly…this is a huge area of financial loss
10. Over-time laws need to be enforced. Accurate Pay for Accurate Numbers.

These ideas WON’T raise prices if JOB CREATORS realize the Easy Money Ride is over and get some ETHICS. Fines should be levied for disrespectful employers because THEY are the ones fueling the system. This will not affect inflation, just cause JOB CREATORS to spend wisely, or work harder themselves!  Consumers set the price of goods by showing willingness to pay for them, or not.

My biggest concern with Immigrations is the degree of Identity Theft that MUST, by Necessity, occur for undocumented to continue working. This has many unfortunate results. For example, My Grandfather was Anthony Maisano, SR. My Father was Anthony Maisano, JR and I am Anthony Maisano III. My father and grandfather are both dead, but at different times, we all lived in the same house, at 1059 Middletown Ave, Northford CT. Talk about a land record nightmare. [I do not live there anymore]  Also, deceased persons remain in many databases, ex CT DMV for a period of seven years. This is one open window for duplication. When someone registers for a SSN and Voting rights in a town, then moves, all records DO NOT update to new location. Another area for exploitation.
The Challenge is to Repair as many critical databases, possibly the creation of a national ID, without causing the panic of Big Brother Surveillance. If everyone does their part… but it appears to me the ONLY way to truly get quiet policy is to HAVE multiple aliases created for oneself because ALL DATA HAS A PRICE!

Anthony Maisano III