Many Wallet Photos…

Who Should We Protect?

 draft 3

In response to the Obama heckler, executive privilege, and, I guess, a documented immigrant male ‘married’ to an undocumented female …

I offered:

The GOP must bring its ‘A’ game. Then the 2% job creators must stop forcing the ‘average labor’ wage down by importing waves of fresh immigrant labor each season– with no regards for the infrastructure necessary to support them… And when the GOP stops accepting lobbyists money to protect this scam: I would ask the heckler ‘which wife should we protect?’ I worked with a fellow named ‘Danny’ [Jo-Jo]. My brother told me he was the best at his craft in the state of CT. His best friend [Mark] used to joke he once ‘killed someone.’ He carried three to five cell phones every day. Bunches of cell phone cards were always tucked next to the many photos of women and children. Had a wife and kids in Ecuador [names unknown]. A ‘wife’ in New Jersey [Janelle]. A local ‘wife’ named ‘Emma.’ A ‘wife’ from Puerto Rico who came to visit a few times [‘P.R.’, ‘Texas’]. A few other ‘wives’ that used to call while the rest of us worked.  [stay away from Meriden, Jo Jo, you have enough wives…]  When Jo-Jo couldn’t urinate, my mother paid about $30,000 for New Jersey, New York and Meriden, CT hospital bills [mom’s statement].  He probably checked himself in as me, because without good identification, WHO ARE YOU?  Now my brother employs another look-alike, Gustav, to shade the imposter Jo-Jo.  Of course, Gus is ‘married’ and has children.  How many wives are we up to now?

This story is not meant to stereotype. This story illustrates exploitation.  Executive privilege is not a magic wand to banish the chaos the GOP and Job Creators have wished for.  This undocumented, partially documented and mostly documented personhood problem makes a minotaur’s labyrinth of America’s data collection systems.  Citizenship carries responsibilities to your home, your relationships, the law and your country.  If the word ‘citizen’ is what truly describes the people the heckler was shouting about. Would the heckling man wish this change on all the ‘players’ out there, or when he was out with his boys, checking the chicas? Where is home when wives and children dot the World Map?

We all ‘dream’ of doing the right thing. Maybe it’s time for the GOP and Job Creators to put their money where their mouth is and make their employees fully VISABLE. After all, it is the 2% who are promoting this invisible nation of anarchy, our United States of Exploitation.

These 2% Turkeys do not need executive pardoning.

Anthony Maisano III