How Polluted is the Sonic Sea We Live In…

Written for Governor Dannel P. Malloy at the Manchester Community Forum, 4/4/2013, Manchester CT Lincoln Center…



A:  Reflections off of Long Island Sound… May 1st 2013,  Gov. Dannel Malloy,  Norwalk Town Hall Meeting

Q: Thank you for letting me address you at this public town hall today. I believe that your presence in the governor’s chair is providing generally positive guidance for our State of Connecticut. Your previous job was in a metropolitan area, but much to my surprise you have adapted your style to match our state’s diversity. Your tree trimming policy was spot on, and your disaster leadership will form your legacy. Finally, Connecticut is small state, so every television appearance is critical for our standing on the Nation’s Stage.

My name is Anthony Maisano III, son of Anthony Maisano Jr., grandson of Anthony Maisano Sr. Three years ago, after my father’s passing, I was faced with some data confusion relating to our name similarities. For example, to this day I cannot get the CT DMV to get my license to match my birth certificate with a proper Suffix, rather than a numerical interpretation.

I have sent a few emails to your office relating to audible and understandable voice track blending over PAID media services, which I am current and subscribe to. Professionals call this a form of Electronic Harassment. Hackers could be making use of the Emergency Broadcasting Band because Home speakers, computer headphones, cell phone conversations, and radio streams are all tainted. The hacking seeps into my car, and yes, out-of-state as well. Your office has referred to this as Noise Pollution. Sometimes the hacked track commentary is more entertaining than the actual selection, but it is NOT invited.

I wish to publicly comment that when the additional polluted tracks affect my enjoyment of the paid media services I subscribe to, it might be time to take out the trash. Using your office’s analogy, the noise ‘trash pile’ may be growing OUTSIDE our houses, but no one deserves their living rooms polluted.



This was the question I planned to ask Governor Malloy and LT. Governor Nancy Wyman, Thursday night, April 4th, 2013 at the Manchester Town Hall Meeting. Outside the time scope of my allowance, I did some extra research to try to decipher the ‘WHY’ of this irregular occurrence. I have developed two basic types of sound modification actions, In [through] the Box, and In the Path of My Ears.

Through the box implies that the sound track is being modified over the wire or FCC listed communication path, or inside the box I own and have chosen to receive a particular program or show. I have been able to record some of this sound alteration, with the addition of a ‘ch-ch-ch-ch-ch’ and / or a ‘be-e-e-e-ee-eeep’ sound set. This DOES seem to occur, but MAY be more illegal in the eyes of the law.

In the Path of My Ears seems to be the method of choice, although I would make the argument that when my ears are in MY house or MY car, the air-space is predominantly owned or controlled by me. Further, there would be no reasonable expectation on my part that this type of alteration SHOULD be occurring.

After talking to several people in the online community who have observed these phenomena, I utilized a ‘Full-Range All-Round Detector.’ It was calibrated to vibrate in the presence of frequency detection in the 1.2G, 2.4G, and 100MHZ to 3000MHZ wave patterns. It is not the most sophisticated device on the market, but did detect vectorized straight line wave streams, flowing through my house. I counted MANY of these interference rivers, some upstairs, some outside, some right through the listening path of my Television and Eardrums.

My thought is as sounds are emitted in a straight line, conical shape, towards My Ears, the waves must pass through at least 2 to 3 of these perpendicular streams. These streams are normally invisible to my eyes, traveling through my thin walls, in between endpoints unknown. Each stream has a defined top and bottom, as noticed when the detecting device is raised or lowered out of the path of the cross-cutting stream.  As the correct broadcast sound travels toward my ears, it becomes ‘tainted’ or ‘polluted’ with ‘sticky data that is part of the cross-cutting stream.’ This cross-cutting stream ‘modifies’ the intended broadcast. My body is sitting at a point furthest away from the television, and further away from the cross-cutting streams. The co-mingled sound broadcast eventually reaches my ears, conveying a different message than was initially intended at the studio or origination site. Noise pollution or harassment, these changes are unwarranted AND unwelcome.

The scientific experiment was necessary to prove the existence of the sound co-mingled changes, and not to inspire the listener into thinking my ears or brain was broken or damaged. Further, the laser-light camera sensor defined a pinpoint midway between the top and bottom of the television tube, which I will define as a horizon line. From hour to hour, the pinpoint slides left and right, but always remain on axis. When the device is directed to shine at a wall or window, a larger ‘flash light’ beam appears, just like a normal flash light ‘large circular spot.’

The pinpoint on the television screen shall be a discussion for a different day. My hope is to first clean up the Sound Pollution Trash Pile.


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