January 13th, 2014

draft 1

In regards to the CT DOL, Commissioner Palmer, and Data Integrity…

It is an embarrassment and an unacceptable issue that when the CT DOL has correct information for a person, that they repeatedly key in erroneous data.  This creates new records in the database, and puts holes or tattoos in the permanent records.  My correct name is ANTHONY MAISANO III.  Every year the CT DOL creates a new name for me; Anthony I, Anthony J, Maisano A, Anthony J III…etc.  It is beyond unacceptable.

It is bad enough that I had over $2,500 earmarked in my account which Federal Republicans clawed back.  This almost resembles CORRUPTION WITHIN THE OFFICE.  Why does the DOL need to change my name at EVERY SINGLE ENTRY POINT?  Are they assigning my money to undocumented workers?  Get on the right foot Commissioner Palmer.  Your technicians are not performing correct work.  Maybe you should hire me… I have seen enough shenanigans to do the job correctly.  I could do this job.  I have no political affiliations or political debts to repay.  I don’t worry about telling someone that they are LYING.  Too many times I have heard, ‘Just stay patient with us…’  The State of CT is out of extensions, and Federal Republicans think America is back to full employment so here is my message:  CLEAN IT UP!

So here is how the CT DOL Technical Support Staff responded:

After the automatic phone queue told assigned me a one hour call back time, the staff member calls back one hour LATE.  So after two hours, some giggling, being put on hold, the technician jokingly responds, ‘So how do you want your name spelled?’  I told him the same way it was entered previously.  You would think that the CT DOL database, the Federal SSN database and the CT DMV database would be cross-linked.  So the technician says ‘OK Guy, all set.’  Followed by ‘Bye Guy.’

Strange attitude from someone who is trained to respond to these particular situations.  Sarcasm is not required or asked for.  When D.C. discusses how to pay for extensions, perhaps doing things right the first time, or firing sarcastic ignorant people who are only working to collect a check, not uphold the standards of quality, would be a good way to start.  Then again, they seem to be following the lead of their supervisors, all the way up to the GOP elected officials.  Talking to someone over a phone or through the air over distance inspires great courage.  Guess that’s why these type of persons don’t do much face to face meeting.  They should be fired without pay or severance…


Taking a Look at Powers of Escalation…

first draft…

When someone buys a ‘mink coat,’ they become the center of conversation whether they plan on it or not.  People’s judgments become group thought at a very rapid rate.  Once these group thoughts become incarnate, the ‘mink coat thought’ propagates in outward circles until more and more people are called on to give opinions.  Without realizing what is going on, verbal and electronic sharing or ‘surveillance’ occurs.

It’s not like a mink coat is unique. There is no one particular color which is acceptable.  Type, source, length and purchase point are all topics to discuss.  A quick look on a person’s or group’s social media space will reveal conversations and critiques which may be sampled and passed on.  Maybe the purchaser may provide the most information, self-describing their thoughts and spin that they want publicized.  Could this be too much information, or the data miner’s key that unlocks personal privacy for public consumption.

Citizen’s ‘mink coat behavior’ leads to two main types of privacy degradation.  First, friendly inspection and publication of viewed information and personal opinion discussions gets filtered again and again by familiar and unknown sources.  Why send out a human or non-human [ex. Drone] to record details when a chain reaction can be set in motion artificially through suggestion, or naturally by ‘marking’ someone as “strange.”  A person marked as ‘strange,’ no matter how normal the target appears to oneself, will never be allowed to display unique traits.  If one person tells a tale about another that they once killed someone, or that they have some exotic disease, they will certainly be watched for a long time for any extraneous behaviors.  This is the accused person’s ‘mink coat.’  We have unknowingly become less private, escalated over time by our own and nearby publicity.

Many people spend their day with cell phone camera ready and social media always open.  When someone gives the suggestion, or a person becomes marked as strange, a deputized viewer or group instantly morphs in paparazzi.  And since Hollywood is an unattainable place, why not make your own movie star park in your own hometown.  This behavior is guaranteed to make any life more enjoyable, until you witness how information can be used against you.

Less common forms of surveillance can become engrained in the watcher’s toolbox.  We have all heard about unsecured surveillance cameras being tapped to watch a target marked as ‘strange.’  Could someone’s radio be used as a two-way long distance telephone?  We all have heard how someone’s powered ‘on’ cell phone can be turned into a two-way microphone.  And since televisions are merely sound waves converted back and forth into light waves, can the television screen act as a two-way camera.  But wait, we all like personalized television programming.  I hope it doesn’t talk back to you too much though.  Too much customization ruins the original artistic intent.

Top of the surveillance food chain is remote listening to a person’s thoughts.  Human bodies operate on small amounts of electricity.  Professionals call both simple and complex thought brain waves.  Waves of electrical energy permeate inside and outside of the skull.  These waves can be listened to from varying distances, depending on the strength of reader.  Sounds impossible???  Ever build a string telephone with two cups connected by a length of yarn?  An unknown subject can be ‘listened through’ a thin wall.  And we all know how a stethoscope magnifies someone’s faint heartbeat.  Fun times indeed.

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures of their person or papers on the interior or exterior of a person’s body.  The Fourth Amendment also protects someone’s house, and structures located on the same property.  It has also been recently interpreted to protect the interior of someone’s vehicle.  Most importantly, The Fourth Amendment protects a person’s communications, both vocal and electronic.  Most important, communications inside one’s mind or ‘internal communications’ are protected…

The hot topic of 2013 CIA confirmation hearings are drone strikes.  I have trouble making a judgment of who controls the kill lists or what type of person can build one with a hobbyist kit, because I am amazed at all the privacy we have already chosen to give up.  The escalating amounts of information that America has chosen to make public, along with the silly accusations we make about each other have thoroughly diluted the everyday powers of the Fourth Amendment.  We are walking around with ‘mink coats’ that we chose to wear or have been clothed with by other people.  The hearings draw the line dealing with drone surveillance of Americans, but NEVER choose to discuss the escalating memes that have been planted and cultivated.

I try to live my life as transparently as possible, and I also refuse to publicly post extraneous details about myself.  Sometimes a person might explain that because I choose not to publicly post any pictures of myself, my ‘on-line’ identity is unknown.  I really don’t want to clothe myself in the manner that many choose to, and I try to protect myself from being labeled as often as possible.  It is nice to see a vanity shot once in a while, but each instance is evidence for someone to mark me as ‘strange.’  I am warm enough without the coat.

I guess my point is it is awful difficult, and costly, to protect something that we have already given away.  By making our private lives public, by falling in the trap of marking each other, and by failing to say ‘NO’ when our privacy first feels violated, we have allowed the escalation of Forth Amendment Disintegration.  Let’s take the coats off and protect what is left of our privacy.  I try to re-gift the one’s I get to goodwill whenever possible.

Go Fish. It’s open season…

CATFISHING —  Can the case be made for Extortion or Identity Theft???

Conversations don’t have to start out as a scam or with criminal intent.  I don’t know all the details of the NFL players’ case… I didn’t even know that this scam has a name.  Here is the research of a fishing trip I was taken on.

A few years ago I cam chatted with a young women who appeared to be very sincere.  It was fun.  One day while doing internet research, I typed in her screen name in the browser search box.  Let’s call her ‘my boots’ for an abbreviation.  The character name ‘My Boots’ showed up on another site, owned by someone else with a different women’s picture.  The two women looked nothing alike.  I even live chatted with the site owner.  She claimed she owned the name and knew nothing about another likeness.  When I texted to the ‘my boots’ that I knew [different site] that her name was already taken [registered], strange things began to happen.

Long story short, catfishing always ends up with someone ‘disappearing or mysteriously dying.’  GONE WITHOUT A TRACE.  I think that authorities or other agencies can ‘take over’ or ‘listen in,’ to someone’s two-way connection.  The Big Directors can character direct, through script writing, their situational actions for them.  Big fish always ‘swim in’ when smaller prey appears.

On the other side of the screen, the victim has no idea what is going on.  I was witness to this many times because my camera came with a microphone / speakers and I could hear background conversations describing analysis of myself. Maybe two parties are victims to the third’s hostile takeover.  This is called ‘connecting through’ someone’s computer and link, like remote desktop.  Unfortunately, the connection has already been established so no invitation needs to be given.

Accounts are hacked, credit cards are tagged, and money can be extorted.  ‘Hostage Crisis???’  Files can be deposited on computers.  Bot-nets can be created without permission.  No internet connection is truly safe, especially USB or Wireless [including cellular phones– flame virus?].  You might think that a basic ‘gut check’ is the best protection.  But with all the social media usage [Ex face book], the conditions replicate themselves under many situations.  On-line gamers are routinely ‘listened in’ on for tag words like ‘birthday party’ and ‘gift money.’  External cameras can be tapped to watch people’s activities.  We trust social media with too much of our personal information.  ‘Just click this box to proceed?’

I don’t want to defend any guilty party, these are my observations.  Just try to speak to a professional law enforcement agent or psychologist and get a fair hearing.  The most frequent comment is the act needs to be caught in process (good luck, especially if all parties are not fully aware of conditions around them).  Initiated conversations DO NOT give permission to criminal, unauthorized or unwelcome activity.  When family and friends choose to close their minds… the fraud is fully perpetrated.  It is a false assumption to guess what happens ‘online stays online.’

I hope this helps someone someday.  Stalking is an unwanted and unwelcome one-sided fascination.  No one should have to get a new identity to get away from the digital hydra’s hooks.  Worst Case:  The predator swims away with the prize.

Anthony Maisano III