January 13th, 2014

draft 1

In regards to the CT DOL, Commissioner Palmer, and Data Integrity…

It is an embarrassment and an unacceptable issue that when the CT DOL has correct information for a person, that they repeatedly key in erroneous data.  This creates new records in the database, and puts holes or tattoos in the permanent records.  My correct name is ANTHONY MAISANO III.  Every year the CT DOL creates a new name for me; Anthony I, Anthony J, Maisano A, Anthony J III…etc.  It is beyond unacceptable.

It is bad enough that I had over $2,500 earmarked in my account which Federal Republicans clawed back.  This almost resembles CORRUPTION WITHIN THE OFFICE.  Why does the DOL need to change my name at EVERY SINGLE ENTRY POINT?  Are they assigning my money to undocumented workers?  Get on the right foot Commissioner Palmer.  Your technicians are not performing correct work.  Maybe you should hire me… I have seen enough shenanigans to do the job correctly.  I could do this job.  I have no political affiliations or political debts to repay.  I don’t worry about telling someone that they are LYING.  Too many times I have heard, ‘Just stay patient with us…’  The State of CT is out of extensions, and Federal Republicans think America is back to full employment so here is my message:  CLEAN IT UP!

So here is how the CT DOL Technical Support Staff responded:

After the automatic phone queue told assigned me a one hour call back time, the staff member calls back one hour LATE.  So after two hours, some giggling, being put on hold, the technician jokingly responds, ‘So how do you want your name spelled?’  I told him the same way it was entered previously.  You would think that the CT DOL database, the Federal SSN database and the CT DMV database would be cross-linked.  So the technician says ‘OK Guy, all set.’  Followed by ‘Bye Guy.’

Strange attitude from someone who is trained to respond to these particular situations.  Sarcasm is not required or asked for.  When D.C. discusses how to pay for extensions, perhaps doing things right the first time, or firing sarcastic ignorant people who are only working to collect a check, not uphold the standards of quality, would be a good way to start.  Then again, they seem to be following the lead of their supervisors, all the way up to the GOP elected officials.  Talking to someone over a phone or through the air over distance inspires great courage.  Guess that’s why these type of persons don’t do much face to face meeting.  They should be fired without pay or severance…


Comment on Immigrations and Oversight

 Opinions & Observations

 First draft

I am not speaking against the department, the state or the intelligence community.  This piece is not intended to provide remedies for our current problems.  But until Immigrations is fixed, the Dreamers and the Documented will receive additional surveillance.

Parked cars wait across the street where undocumented and incorrectly documented persons work.  Parking lots and Big Box Stores are monitored via camera and closed circuit television.  In East Haven, CT, ‘dances and social gatherings’ are observed with the closest eyes.  Many agree that this extra attention is necessary, because “these groups” are particularly elusive.  They have common features such as facial parts, family descriptions and name overlap with repetitiveness.  It is critical to create registries and documentation to keep track of the fluctuating populations because the current systems have failed.  There is no will to absorb the dreamers [amnesty] and deportation would be particularly harsh on people and the economy.

The lack of consensus on Immigrations, Papers Please, E-verify and Employer Regulation Enforcement has created a shadow population in the United States. It is estimated that between eleven and thirteen million Dreamers and un-Documented workers are currently living in U.S. towns and cities.[estimates vary, numbers from Barak Obama’s recent ‘fix immigrations’ speech during the month of February 2013]  American Employers have become hooked on the unending low-cost labor supply.  The end game is the slow elimination of employer-provided retirement, cost of living and benefit plans.  Years of short-changing the labor and census systems have one direct result.  The failure to establish a permanent United States Immigration Policy and Accepted Universal Update will be the gateway for all residents to be monitored. Further, there will be competition for the information that is gathered.  A case by case option will form the basis for social control because low-cost labor is more important than the Freedoms granted by the U.S. Constitution… [Wikipedia defines social control as “societal and political mechanisms or processes that regulate individual and group behavior in an attempt to gain conformity and compliance to the rules of a given society, state, or social group

The question without new legislation is whether or not to extend constitutional freedoms to all who walk on America’s soil, both un-documented or dreamers. Americans struggle with Guantanamo Bay, but at least it gets discussed.  Our freedoms are very flexible, but America’s laws require clarity, data points, historical perspective and continual review.  The Congressional look away only works for a short time.  Cities, counties and states need to maintain law and order regardless of how citizens abuse the written rules.  If the legislators won’t legislate, and the employers won’t bear the responsibility of correct and accurate hiring practices, ALL AMERICANS WILL BE OBSERVED with keener powers of inspection.  Smile, you are on camera!

I would like to illustrate a scenario partially based on observation, partially based on experiential compilation.  This is one starting point.  When everyone gets out of work, pockets of different people congregate for ‘dances’ and other activities. These events are permitted to continue for social relaxation, for watching the specific groups in their habitat, and for conducting Surveillance activities.

As the popular tale is told, ‘everywhere that Mary went, those Lambs were sure to go.’ And where those lambs go, the surveillance follows. It is like the mapping car cameras driving down every street drawing each square inch of travel.  In my observation and opinion, because the job creators in many states want cheap labor, the departments want to play with their toys, and some others want to promote social control, the data collection system is propagated in continuous cycles. All feet on American soil are part of this collection pool because of the inter-meshing of the twenty-four hour monitoring procedure.

The final natural question is what will be done with all of the newly collected data.  Another layer of hierarchy gets introduced called the ‘oversight.’ This layer is installed to cultivate the data farms and ensure the correct usage of observational techniques.  Information is very powerful, and because greed creates an end to end disintegration in policy, all information collected becomes useful.  From the moment of wakefulness, to every place the Dreamers and un-Documented travel and work, their family sizes, medical decisions, food selection, entertainment choices, and financial transactions become fair for recording.  And because we have a shadow population interacting with documented citizens, ALL INTERACTIONS are open for surveillance.  Powers of escalation enable continuous points of monitoring.  Each connection makes a sticking spot where data is collected.  Places where surveillance would never be required become necessary for ‘personal safety’ and legislative accuracy.

So we have all types of people following all types of people around, conducting surveillance activities. Some legitimate, some clandestine until deemed ‘necessary.’ Spy vs. Spy. See true believers, personal benefit casts a BIG net. And slowly but surely, on a case by case basis, all will have to be watched because the promoters call it ‘witness protection.’ Real Americans will require these protections because of this new, dangerous jungle. The actions in homes, parks, roads, electronic media, communications, and bedrooms will be monitored and documented. Is this place is so wonderful? ‘Keys please.’


America should avoid this by having an open and honest Immigrations conversation, and PASSING LEGISLATION based on a popular vote.  What a concept.

Next issue, the editor gets his pictures, and the watchers and lambs get caught in the web.  This newly acquired information gained through various methods of surveillance is TOO TEMPTING to sit on the shelf.  Many new applications will showcase the data gained from deep access. And there’s the show… ‘Amazing Temptations’


Inspired from a recent post in Frederica Cade’s WordPress blog.