GOP’s VooDoo Is About To Cripple Itself..

The GOP Zombie Followers Will Be Affected By The Failure To Pass An Unemployment Extension…


first draft

Plain and simple– the GOP Knuckleheads slacked off all 2013 and passed NONE of the critical legislation to help clean up America’s Economy.  Immigrations, Tax Reform, Job Expansion.  Nothing.  My family’s biz is being run by some of these same GOP zombies.  I have been unemployed for a year while “they” get their act together.  I was told to stay home or perform some questionably unethical activities.  When the economy didn’t turn around, the bad business practices have cost infusions of $100,000 to $200,000 each round.

They laugh because the State of CT Unemployment Insurance pays.  Their focus is providing bad work references for me;  not cleaning up their bad business practices.

Here’s my point:  the economic cycles can’t adjust fast enough under the SHOCK the GOP is about to put them in.  The ‘laugh in’ is about to go very quiet when constituents feel the chilling effects of economic shrinkage and the rising cost of heating oil.  The best part about waking up each morning is my realization of the GOP’s imminent demise.  Paul Ryan & Co. will finally be banished to the ‘Dunce Zone’ where all balance sheet cheats belong.

The GOP’s voodoo is about to be reflected back on itself.  Stay warm!

Anthony Maisano III


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