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Public Schools: 

Children’s Brain Facets sometimes develop at different rates, occasionally exponentially. It is at this point when an adult notices the child’s progress and the notion of public school leadership failure is often contemplated.  This has become such a common leap even if the student is unable to translate all brain power throughout all subjects.  The solution for the public school is to translate the mechanism of the stronger facet into a way that the entire brain can utilize, therefore offering better performance in all areas AND keeping the friend set the child has come to know and love, together.

Private or charter schools don’t solve this issue just by existing, or through defunding public school systems. It is a matter of ‘brain decoding and translation’ For example, if a child shows faster development in mathematical based logic. the technique would be to tie a mathematical based framework to vocabulary.  If the child thinks and identifies best with colors, draw parallels between the color system and science.  It is critical that we develop our brain’s strengths maximally. Cross-linking associative processes can develop a holistic key.  Public Schools, which have an in place infrastructure, will provide the most cost-effective approach to offering student growth in a more natural environment.

Public School Systems should now figure out what all the tablet’s symbols link to in the brain’s mesh-net.


You’re Harassing Me To Be Perfect?  Here’s A Mirror…  And Get Out Of My Ear!


Second DRAFT

The CT DOL expects 27,000 people to have their compromised tax information sent back so they can further study their investigation.  The DOL has asked me for patience for two years.  There is a terrible immigrations problem and crossed identity data issue in all of CT’s databases.  All are updated by hand, none are cross linked.  The DMV seems to create new ways to get around their own rules daily.

My analysis of why the CT DOL made all those name changes was to kick me off unemployment early.  The first in a series of three name changes occurred in mid- December at the warning track.  I had money earmarked to be paid, but the State of CT claimed my benefit year started December 28, 2012,  Their corrected records, when my correct name is entered, show I started filing January 5th, 2013.  So they bumped me out early and changed my name two more times until the correct start date on the benefit year passed, to re-capture the small remainder federally assigned to me.  WHERE IS ALL THE FEDERAL MONEY CLAWED BACK FROM THE LONG TERM UNEMPLOYED?

Here is the letter I sent to the Governor in response to his requests for time.  Don’t get me wrong, I would vote for him again.  But his Information Systems Network are junk, and I think those who want to embarrass the Democrats are taking advantage of it.  Maybe as a ‘income supplement?’  I sincerely hope this State gets its act together soon.  It certainly is not from myself speaking up…

Gov. Malloy,  I think the ‘reflections of sound’ we discussed at your Norwalk Town Hall Meeting are radio and high frequency radio waves being broadcast to harass people.  I can track them and match them on a scanner. 

To the point, I was one of the people who got the bad DOL tax data.  But I have been getting bad data correspondence for two months, and for over a year, DOL technicians have asked me to be patient with them.  Patient for what I have no idea, until now.  I sincerely think you have an Immigrations Issue.  I have identity theft insurance.  I have had this problem since my father passed away in 2011.  I have had issues with the CT Probate Oversight and Judge Forgione.  I think your corruption runs deeper than at first glance.  Please fix these issues.  I have no unemployment, no job, a messed up work history, and now, identity theft again.

Anthony Maisano III




Observations on Electronic Harassment Created through Standard Radio Based Scanner Broadcasts

Under construction—draft 2

January 24, 2014 first entry

Disclaimer:  I understand the basic issues of the human mind, and the fluctuating control of the Id, Ego, and  Super-ego.  The Id represents the unorganized instincts and drives.  The Ego functions on ‘the reality principle’ which satisfies desire in a realistic paced and longer term pathways versus choices that will bring short-term grief.  The Super-ego guides towards perfection through guidance and socially appropriate focus. [see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Id,_ego_and_super-ego ]  So some mud-slinging smarty pants MAY try to argue that as a defense mechanism, when one of these three components seeks to control the brain, IT MAY BECOME SO STRONG AS TO AUDIBLY PRODUCE SIGNALS TO REINFORCE THE NEEDS AND DRIVES INNATELY CONTAINED IN ITS STRUCTURE.  In other words, putting a microphone to an artificial voice given to a particular part of the consciousness, and a speaker placed in the ears so has to over-ride the brain’s reasoning structure.  This synthetic strength would bypass thought processes, and manifest in human abnormal behavior.  This phenomenon described might be labeled as psychosis or multiple personality disorder.  However, the proliferation of electronic signal saturation, and plain dirty trick playing harassing individuals, may seek to create a false diagnosis by employing undefined or unsuccessfully prosecuted technologies and techniques.  Perhaps some people’s brains are more susceptible to penetrating radiation, some may be just plain targeted. [see microwave auditory frequency, wiki; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microwave_auditory_effect  ]

Gary Sklaver is the attorney that told me, in Attorney Fretel’s office, ‘you can’t stop us…’  Around that time, interfering but audible sound bites and streams started to blend in to my television and radio broadcasts.  I am postulating that these interfering signals are two-way conversations that are similar to the systems that are used by municipal agencies to communicate with each other or some high frequency signal designed for the same purpose .   These conversations seem to place my speakers in the middle, and become decoded by use of a simple signal scanner or ham radio setup.   I performed this step by using a free online scanner, scrolling through the channels, and finding where the blended sound-bites match what are emanating over other non-networked but powered speakers attached to other broadcast medium, connected to unrelated media streams…

This phenomenon seems to match another case Attorney Sklaver was involved in, where not his client, but his opposition faced some sort of similar harassing tactics.  This gentleman later was discredited, signed over his business ownership, and then is quoted of feeling ‘other’ forms of non-traditional manifestations of terror.

As author Molly Ball wrote in her piece ‘A Grab for the Wheel…’ in the Yale Herald Online,

Spoerndle signed over control of the club—he claims he was told the agreement was temporary. Now, thanks to a 12-step program, he says he’s been sober for over two years, but he’s still locked out of Toad’s. In May, he filed a civil suit in New Haven Superior Court, claiming Phelps took advantage of his debased condition and fraudulently induced him to give up his property.

“At that time, I was totally out of my mind. I mean, I was in and out of eight or 10 psych wards. The aliens were at my house, I thought,” Spoerndle says. “And, you know, people sometimes take advantage of people who are out of their minds. But there are laws that protect people.” Spoerndle hopes that those laws will eventually put Toad’s back in his hands.

“I’m not the hotshot I used to be [Spoerndle] , but I’m happier, I’m more at peace,” he says. “I’m extremely grateful I lived through it, grateful to be free. I believe I was allowed to live so I can help others.” Spoerndle currently devotes his time to volunteer work at 13 detox and rehab centers in the area, “helping people get out of that tortured place and have lives.”

Spoerndle’s lawsuit alleges that Phelps “knew that Michael Spoerndle was suffering from mental and physical problems which rendered him incapable and incompetent to han-dle his own affairs” and took advantage of this knowledge to “induce…Spoerndle to sign away his property and his right to control over the Toad’s Place business.”

Phelps and his lawyer, Gary Sklaver, declined to comment on the suit.

Molly Ball, Yale Herald Online; http://www.yaleherald.com/archive/xxx/2000.09.29/ae/p13toads.html

Unfortunately, I am unable to contact Mr. Spoerndle about his experiences, except perhaps by séance.  In this case, though years have passed since the suit was initiated, [circa year 2000].  Mr. Spoerndle was found dead in his East Haven House in 2011.  Brian McCready of the New Haven Register reported [Posted: 05/07/11, 12:00 AM EDT]:

NEW HAVEN — The man who made Connecticut rock has died. Mike Spoerndle, 59, of East Haven, who founded the legendary New Haven music club Toad’s Place in 1975 was found dead in his home Friday. The exact cause of death remains unknown…”  Brian McCready, New Haven Register http://www.nhregister.com/general-news/20110507/toads-place-founder-dies-brought-legends-to-new-haven-share-your-club-memories

A very sad day for New Haven Music, Arts and Entertainment, but most importantly, a link lost for my research.  I would have liked to compare notes, and gotten HIS opinion about Attorney Gary Sklaver, and the harassment he claimed to experience.

Not quite the Danny Casloaro story, but…? [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Casolaro ]



January 13th, 2014

draft 1

In regards to the CT DOL, Commissioner Palmer, and Data Integrity…

It is an embarrassment and an unacceptable issue that when the CT DOL has correct information for a person, that they repeatedly key in erroneous data.  This creates new records in the database, and puts holes or tattoos in the permanent records.  My correct name is ANTHONY MAISANO III.  Every year the CT DOL creates a new name for me; Anthony I, Anthony J, Maisano A, Anthony J III…etc.  It is beyond unacceptable.

It is bad enough that I had over $2,500 earmarked in my account which Federal Republicans clawed back.  This almost resembles CORRUPTION WITHIN THE OFFICE.  Why does the DOL need to change my name at EVERY SINGLE ENTRY POINT?  Are they assigning my money to undocumented workers?  Get on the right foot Commissioner Palmer.  Your technicians are not performing correct work.  Maybe you should hire me… I have seen enough shenanigans to do the job correctly.  I could do this job.  I have no political affiliations or political debts to repay.  I don’t worry about telling someone that they are LYING.  Too many times I have heard, ‘Just stay patient with us…’  The State of CT is out of extensions, and Federal Republicans think America is back to full employment so here is my message:  CLEAN IT UP!

So here is how the CT DOL Technical Support Staff responded:

After the automatic phone queue told assigned me a one hour call back time, the staff member calls back one hour LATE.  So after two hours, some giggling, being put on hold, the technician jokingly responds, ‘So how do you want your name spelled?’  I told him the same way it was entered previously.  You would think that the CT DOL database, the Federal SSN database and the CT DMV database would be cross-linked.  So the technician says ‘OK Guy, all set.’  Followed by ‘Bye Guy.’

Strange attitude from someone who is trained to respond to these particular situations.  Sarcasm is not required or asked for.  When D.C. discusses how to pay for extensions, perhaps doing things right the first time, or firing sarcastic ignorant people who are only working to collect a check, not uphold the standards of quality, would be a good way to start.  Then again, they seem to be following the lead of their supervisors, all the way up to the GOP elected officials.  Talking to someone over a phone or through the air over distance inspires great courage.  Guess that’s why these type of persons don’t do much face to face meeting.  They should be fired without pay or severance…