Cliff Porter Chalks Out A Cold Case File

The Secret Psychology of Freemasonry by Cliff Porter

Draft four

The Secret Psychology is a 202 page book with Appendices and End Notes. This book was first published in 2011 by Starr Publishing, Colorado.  Its subtitle is Alchemy, Gnosis and Science of the Craft. These words definitely summarize my first descriptive outline of this book.  Many accomplished masters of Freemasonry are cited, with a heavy contextual backbone of Jungian Psychology intentionally built-in.  Jung’s terms are applied to outline various stages of Masonic Degree work and stages of Masonic development. Brother Porter encourages an over-arching paradigm for direct use in lodge management, self, and group improvement.   Communication is the critical concept.  The final chapter and appendices have the direct symbol and esoteric interpretations brothers continually ask for.

The silver cord that runs throughout The Secret Psychology of Freemasonry is an astral treasure walk to determine the secrets of the human psyche, freemasonry, and their locations.  Porter explains early in his book that it is not his intention to give any classic top-secret bits away, only to give direction to thoughts previously written by authors more famous than him.  This book does contain a great volume of arcane data and illustrations.  Porter then embeds concepts written by many classic authors, such as Pike, Fellows and Manly Palmer Hall.  He also recognizes an early thought by the Greek Elder Plautus, Comedies of Plautus, which summarizes the familiar concept of how to make good men better.  The secrets may never be found, or known, but the journey is the value of the pursuit.

Porter chooses The Self, The Shadow, The Persona, The Anima and / or The Animus as outward personality manifestations.  His subconscious constructs seek to answer the questions of Why [Yellow Bile], When [Black Bile], What [Phlegm], and Who [Blood].  These alchemical references translate classically to the Fire, Earth, Water and Air types, respectively.   This model presents a handy cross-reference to begin to map degree work and what different levels of focus reveal at points in time.  These are also useful descriptors of the fellows performing the motions, and the internal and external communication that takes place.

The view from the window first shows the mosaic pavement overlaid on a rock that we call reality, and gradually uses different lenses to extract as much information from the Human AND Masonic Processes as possible.  Like the Good Masonic Library that every mason accumulates, classical key points are touched upon to build deeper levels of structure.  Authors and titles are cited to lead the ambitious reader on future journeys, both physical and metaphysical.

Porter’s analysis depicts a biblical wrap around the Masonic timeline, encompassing (but not inside of) what we think of ‘The Mystery Schools.’  It is Brother Porter’s opinion that the Church, as represented as the Holy See, gives eternal chase to the Masonic Quest for unregulated knowledge.   It is the Bible that contains all the food to sustain Masonic life, and it is the Church which causes freemasons to cherish and protect free thinking.  For Brother Porter, life begins with the chapters of Genesis, and all of man’s achievements  and rituals flow from there.

A third construct Brother Porter illuminates is of the human mind. He describes its quadrants and various dormant or passively expressed shapes, both inlaid and overlaid.   These shapes are tied to classical geometry cross-linking alchemical drawings with The Five Stages of Denial.  Porter lists these as Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression (towards self or shame) and Acceptance.  There are plenty of picture plates to view, which should create, or illustrate to the reader a system of how to think about these spongy emotional concepts.

The Secret Psychology of Freemasonry challenges lodge brethren to better themselves, their lodges and even their cooking, by thinking, feeling and caring about their work.  Porter uses the description of Degree Work coupled with his knowledge as a Senior Major Crimes detective to chalk out an outline of how to view the old self left behind, its decomposition, and the beginnings of creation of a new Masonic temple.  This book by design is most definitely NOT an endpoint or a tome containing the one ineffable.  Brother Porter lays out a classic cold case mystery (freemasonry) with definite evidence and many tools to develop the reader’s powers of analysis. This will lead to a fresh way to think, speak and feel about learning.  Like Jung, Brother Cliff Porter believes man as a mason can be improved when his conscious and unconscious thoughts and actions are understood. Through self-realization the reader will become more comfortable with the quest for personal and inter-personal development.  Porter hits the ground running in this work, so be prepared.  The Secret Psychology of Freemasonry will advance the mysteries of Masonic learning, and should become a welcomed invitation to discuss in any way the reader chooses.

Anthony Maisano III

Background from Wikipedia

Jung Carl Gustav Jung (/ˈjʊŋ/YUUNG; German: [ˈkarl ˈɡʊstaf ˈjʊŋ]; 26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961) was a Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology. Jung proposed and developed the concepts of the extraverted and the introverted personality, archetypes, and the collective unconscious. His work has been influential in psychiatry and in the study of religion, literature, and related fields.

The central concept of analytical psychology is individuation – the psychological process of integrating the opposites, including the conscious with the unconscious, while still maintaining their relative autonomy.[2] Jung considered individuation to be the central process of human development.[3]

Jung created some of the best known psychological concepts, including the archetype, the collective unconscious, the complex, and synchronicity. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a popular psychometric instrument, has been developed from Jung’s theories.

Jung saw the human psyche as “by nature religious”,[4] and made this religiousness the focus of his explorations.[5] Jung is one of the best known contemporary contributors to dream analysis and symbolization.

Though he was a practicing clinician and considered himself to be a scientist,[6] much of his life’s work was spent exploring tangential areas, including Eastern and Western philosophy, alchemy, astrology, and sociology, as well as literature and the arts. His interest in philosophy and the occult led many to view him as a mystic.[6] 

Jung saw Freud’s theory of the unconscious as incomplete and unnecessarily negative


News From Fantasy Land Fakes Out Real Headlines

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Question for Governor Malloy

Prepared for Bristol Town Hall– May 16, 2013



I Think:


I Wonder If:


I did not get to read this out loud yet…


By Definition, Is Faith Blind???

first draft

This is how the large net cast by an ambitious prosecutor tangles up everything, EVEN ENDANGERED SPECIES.  I really know very little about this case, but here is my little story.

Unbeknownst to me, there has been a Federal Investigation going on in the State of Connecticut.  This is the Ponzi state, I guess.  And in these days of extra sensitivity,  everything is drawn in.  What I would like to say, is that in an unrelated matter, I chose to use Attorney K for a broken headlight ticket.  My situation felt like a  ‘set up’ over-exaggerated ticket, which should have been attributed to the safety manager or owner of the company…

I was only the vehicle driver.  On the first day in front of the judge, the State’s attorney stomped his foot at my request through attorney K, for dismissal.  He forced the ticket to go to hearing.  He then called over to me, where I was sitting in the gallery.  State’s Attorney shouted, “Show him who’s next.”  As I walked out, this fellow was brought in.  Some months later, I coincidentally found out he was pulled over for a similarly typed traffic violation.  He helped me paint at a Masonic Temple, and he was the house chairman’s previous manager’s husband.

No matter, as we walked out, Attorney K thought we had a great case.  A COUPLE OF WEEKS LATER HE TOLD ME IT WAS RECOMMENDED THAT I SHOULD LOSE THIS CASE, AND PLEAD OUT.  He said this was the deal as told to him, and in these cases, you do what you’re told.  I DECLINED this false offer.  I thought I knew what happened, and thought I could communicate this to the court.

He told me he was told that he then would have too much other work, and I should choose one of two other lawyers.

Attorney S told me my Aunt was concerned for my safety.  I had pages of documentation relating to the date, weather conditions, and incorrect ticket codes.  Attorney S still lost my case, even shouting at me in the court room that this case may NEVER COME TO TRIAL.  The Judge reprimanded him, telling him to calm down.  I made my own plea; there was nothing I could do about the headlight.



This ticket has been character assassination against me, and I said this in quiet breath in the court room.

Again, I do not know all the facts in this case.  But two years later, this sentence was handed down.  How many bit parts were involved?  It is just a shame when the EVENTS OF LIFE have to be bent to FORCE a conviction.

It truly is a comment on life when the faith we need to place in situations such as this can be betrayed by other moving parts working to bring down entire communities.  Was I taken advantage of by outsiders, you bet.  Did many others have something to gain?  Apparently.  It takes time and money to coordinate ‘stage-craft’ such as this.  Both Justice, and Faith, can lose their sight.

Guess we should be careful of the virtues we teach.

How does this one end???  Well, now that the larger net has been put away, the people doing the mud-slinging, the net holders, can now be seen.  Any cases that have been held back in exchange for their help SHOULD NOW MOVE FORWARD.

My mom thinks I NEEDED to go through this character building episode.

In another courtroom, the Judge in my Father’s Probate Case summed things up very well.  As I left his courtroom, he quietly patted me on my back and said to me, ‘you know the truth, just let us talk…’

In the words of that unknown CT State Prosecutor, “SHOW THEM WHO’S NEXT!!!”

I’m waiting.


Taking a Look at Powers of Escalation…

first draft…

When someone buys a ‘mink coat,’ they become the center of conversation whether they plan on it or not.  People’s judgments become group thought at a very rapid rate.  Once these group thoughts become incarnate, the ‘mink coat thought’ propagates in outward circles until more and more people are called on to give opinions.  Without realizing what is going on, verbal and electronic sharing or ‘surveillance’ occurs.

It’s not like a mink coat is unique. There is no one particular color which is acceptable.  Type, source, length and purchase point are all topics to discuss.  A quick look on a person’s or group’s social media space will reveal conversations and critiques which may be sampled and passed on.  Maybe the purchaser may provide the most information, self-describing their thoughts and spin that they want publicized.  Could this be too much information, or the data miner’s key that unlocks personal privacy for public consumption.

Citizen’s ‘mink coat behavior’ leads to two main types of privacy degradation.  First, friendly inspection and publication of viewed information and personal opinion discussions gets filtered again and again by familiar and unknown sources.  Why send out a human or non-human [ex. Drone] to record details when a chain reaction can be set in motion artificially through suggestion, or naturally by ‘marking’ someone as “strange.”  A person marked as ‘strange,’ no matter how normal the target appears to oneself, will never be allowed to display unique traits.  If one person tells a tale about another that they once killed someone, or that they have some exotic disease, they will certainly be watched for a long time for any extraneous behaviors.  This is the accused person’s ‘mink coat.’  We have unknowingly become less private, escalated over time by our own and nearby publicity.

Many people spend their day with cell phone camera ready and social media always open.  When someone gives the suggestion, or a person becomes marked as strange, a deputized viewer or group instantly morphs in paparazzi.  And since Hollywood is an unattainable place, why not make your own movie star park in your own hometown.  This behavior is guaranteed to make any life more enjoyable, until you witness how information can be used against you.

Less common forms of surveillance can become engrained in the watcher’s toolbox.  We have all heard about unsecured surveillance cameras being tapped to watch a target marked as ‘strange.’  Could someone’s radio be used as a two-way long distance telephone?  We all have heard how someone’s powered ‘on’ cell phone can be turned into a two-way microphone.  And since televisions are merely sound waves converted back and forth into light waves, can the television screen act as a two-way camera.  But wait, we all like personalized television programming.  I hope it doesn’t talk back to you too much though.  Too much customization ruins the original artistic intent.

Top of the surveillance food chain is remote listening to a person’s thoughts.  Human bodies operate on small amounts of electricity.  Professionals call both simple and complex thought brain waves.  Waves of electrical energy permeate inside and outside of the skull.  These waves can be listened to from varying distances, depending on the strength of reader.  Sounds impossible???  Ever build a string telephone with two cups connected by a length of yarn?  An unknown subject can be ‘listened through’ a thin wall.  And we all know how a stethoscope magnifies someone’s faint heartbeat.  Fun times indeed.

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures of their person or papers on the interior or exterior of a person’s body.  The Fourth Amendment also protects someone’s house, and structures located on the same property.  It has also been recently interpreted to protect the interior of someone’s vehicle.  Most importantly, The Fourth Amendment protects a person’s communications, both vocal and electronic.  Most important, communications inside one’s mind or ‘internal communications’ are protected…

The hot topic of 2013 CIA confirmation hearings are drone strikes.  I have trouble making a judgment of who controls the kill lists or what type of person can build one with a hobbyist kit, because I am amazed at all the privacy we have already chosen to give up.  The escalating amounts of information that America has chosen to make public, along with the silly accusations we make about each other have thoroughly diluted the everyday powers of the Fourth Amendment.  We are walking around with ‘mink coats’ that we chose to wear or have been clothed with by other people.  The hearings draw the line dealing with drone surveillance of Americans, but NEVER choose to discuss the escalating memes that have been planted and cultivated.

I try to live my life as transparently as possible, and I also refuse to publicly post extraneous details about myself.  Sometimes a person might explain that because I choose not to publicly post any pictures of myself, my ‘on-line’ identity is unknown.  I really don’t want to clothe myself in the manner that many choose to, and I try to protect myself from being labeled as often as possible.  It is nice to see a vanity shot once in a while, but each instance is evidence for someone to mark me as ‘strange.’  I am warm enough without the coat.

I guess my point is it is awful difficult, and costly, to protect something that we have already given away.  By making our private lives public, by falling in the trap of marking each other, and by failing to say ‘NO’ when our privacy first feels violated, we have allowed the escalation of Forth Amendment Disintegration.  Let’s take the coats off and protect what is left of our privacy.  I try to re-gift the one’s I get to goodwill whenever possible.


My Comments on CNN’s web page in response to gun control debate bill.

Article entitled “Senate rejects expanded gun background checks” [By Ted Barrett and Tom Cohen, CNN updated 11:02 AM EDT, Thu April 18, 2013]

Expanding these thoughts for further research–


1.  In regards to elongated gun clips…They may fit, but they seem to CLEARLY VIOLATE U.S. patent law. They do not hold to the original design of the weapon application. Further, the longer clips may resemble a totally different weapon, perhaps patented by another designer. Give this one to the lawyers, it’s floating in the water…

2.  It is a shame that this ‘common sense bill’ that is designed to protect logical people from illogical, non-common sense activities was done under the screen of another Great City’s hour of need. Maybe the judges need to be viewed as what they are, illogical…  [Boston, Newtown previous]

3.  Isn’t it amazing that the religious right faction can’t see that their draconian stance on a woman’s right to choose IS IN DIRECT CONFLICT with SENSIBLE gun legislation. Pro-life on one but support choice on another. Guess choice really is most important. Why lack the courage to act in a Reasonable AND Consistent manner across related issues. And by the way, high school physics class reminds us loaded GUNS DO KILL PEOPLE, it’s called POTENTIAL ENERGY. But if you could pass a background check and gun safety class successfully, you would know this.
Midterm elections are coming soon.

[full disclosure:  I do believe in pro-choice, death penalty under highest standards of proof, and a documented and acceptable path for and INDIVIDUAL’s choice of euthanasia]

To sum yesterday’s vote up, I turn to a comment I made in SUPPORT of Kid Rock’s Flip on the GOP’s FLOPS.  His article entitled “Kid Rock on His $20 Tour and ‘Dumbass Republicans’ ” on the magazine Rolling Stone website…[By Andy Greene, April 10, 2013 3:20 PM ET]

Glad Kid Rock has seen through this one…GOP fails to understand that their ‘flip – flops’ target the SAME PEOPLE! GOP says ‘all people have rights and we[ the GOP] need to respect these people more.’ But the other side of their mouths talk about acknowledgement means the power to take away.
Honestly, how can a GOP vote be cast when they strive to take more freedom away than they protect. Glad Kid Rock said it, d. a.– If a kid like me said that a drone would be sent to follow me around. Bad Business!

Apparently, the parts of the brain don’t communicate well with one another. 

This flag won’t stitch up.




first draft…

Best Macro Concepts:
1. Strengthen Mexican Economy [foreign lands seem less appealing when good things are going on at home]
2. Continue De-Criminalizing Least Harmful Street Drugs. [this weakens cartels, money laundering, petty crimes, and needs for gun violence] Pursue a more reasonable prescription policy adjusting requests made by legitimate patients; this will lessen the appetite for street substitutes. The policy is to capture the greatest number of satisfied patients under Correct Medical Supervision…

The premise of United States time period 2000 was / is use inexpensive labor to fill the jobs that are harder on the human body and more difficult to insure, and Re-Educate America into higher quality jobs…


Inflation: In general, wage and price controls are regarded as a temporary and exceptional measure, only effective when coupled with policies designed to reduce the underlying causes of inflation during the wage and price control regime, for example, winning the war being fought. They often have perverse effects, due to the distorted signals they send to the market. Artificially low prices often cause rationing and shortages and discourage future investment, resulting in yet further shortages. The usual economic analysis is that any product or service that is under-priced is over consumed. For example, if the official price of bread is too low, there will be too little bread at official prices, and too little investment in bread making by the market to satisfy future needs, thereby exacerbating the problem in the long-term. [Inflation, Wikipedia] THIS IS THE JOB CREATORS’ REASON FOR CHEAP LABOR…

Construction Business Concept: To save as much money while carrying the largest, most inexpensive crew, maximizing profits and minimizing economic inflation because consumers would have less paycheck and store will eventually find cheaper goods to match reduced buying power.

Witnessed this issue since 2006… went to work for Stop and Shop Distribution for four years 2002-2006, after closure, previous firm had hired approximately four to six ‘dreamers’ from agriculture farms and relatives of said farm workers.

Dreamer’s Skills: Very Hard Workers, Willing to learn quickly and work very cheaply relative to markets, Great attendance. Good Friends.

My analysis of THE PLAN:  Firm installed ‘dreamers’ in most skilled job categories AND low-level slots. Dreamers were taught just enough skills to ‘get by,’ not near enough to excel.  Firm practiced ‘just look the other way’ concerning documentation standards.

Results: General RESET of labor market, profits go into owner’s pockets. Twenty-five to Fifty cent raises every year or two is the maximum standard.
*Workers started out with $9 to $11 per hour; that’s about five to six dollars an hour LESS than the market would bear, about ten dollars per hour under ‘Prevailing Wage’ standard rates.
*Without teaching absolute best skill practices, ‘just good enough’ became the norm because no ‘dreamer’ could do better work than an American native.
*Names and identifying numbers are never validated, just accepted. NO Background Checks performed. All use out-of-state Driver’s License and Car Registration Plates. The cheap hourly makes it worth it.

Prevailing Wage Jobs get VERY difficult to track because workers don’t always have genuine tax numbers or even accurate names… how would they expect to receive the correct wage. This hurts companies trying to keep accurate records.

Problems with Prevailing Wage: Prevailing Wage is the computed Actual Living Wage that should be paid for a particular job to a worker to enable someone to live. Government Funded Projects and Mixed Bid Jobs REQUIRE owners to pay Prevailing Wage to employees listed on job rosters. In my case, my firm has paid me to stay home, after a manufactured crisis. My name is listed on all of the prevailing wage ‘job rosters’ to capture the greatest pay per man. If undocumented workers are substituted, more can be added per one prevailing wage worker, which affects the bottom line productivity. Most important, owner’s can skim the difference between Prevailing Wage and Actual Wage Paid, pocketing the difference. Owner’s many not even tell workers they are working on a Prevailing Wage Job, where the same errors occur.

Undocumented and Dreamers have always formed a critical piece of America’s labor force. Unfortunately, owners use this labor pool to destroy regulations designed to protect the worker AND the economy… this undermining for owner benefit IS a large reason for the delay in Economic Recovery. THAT’S WHY FIXING IMMIGRATIONS, CLARIFYING THE TAX CODE, along with improvements in the E-verify and State Database systems ARE CRITICAL to this Economic Rehabilitation Effort.

General Conclusions:
1. Enforce Employee background checks, ex. E-verify
2. Better Employee documentation, cross-reference checking with existing databases… ex: in CT, deceased person remains in CT DMV database for SEVEN Years, POSSIBLE LOOP HOLE?
3. If fines are to be levied, should be shared by Employer AND employee
4. Back of the line will hurt established dreamers b/c new immigrants won’t posses the same job and life skills
5. Dreamer’s should have a path to citizenship, but with clean criminal records
6. NEW identity numbers should be issued AND old ones researched, documented AND FULLY Traced Out—get ready for more theft charges.
7. Dreamer’s should document their addresses, they should be verified and checked for housing violations
8. CT NEEDS Construction Jobs…Employers found guilty of Gross Labor Practices should be fined and made examples of so an Accurate Floor can be established for each sector. Customers should know what type of contractor they are hiring, and citizens should expect to be paid for a fair day’s work.
9. Car Insurance needs to be documented correctly…this is a huge area of financial loss
10. Over-time laws need to be enforced. Accurate Pay for Accurate Numbers.

These ideas WON’T raise prices if JOB CREATORS realize the Easy Money Ride is over and get some ETHICS. Fines should be levied for disrespectful employers because THEY are the ones fueling the system. This will not affect inflation, just cause JOB CREATORS to spend wisely, or work harder themselves!  Consumers set the price of goods by showing willingness to pay for them, or not.

My biggest concern with Immigrations is the degree of Identity Theft that MUST, by Necessity, occur for undocumented to continue working. This has many unfortunate results. For example, My Grandfather was Anthony Maisano, SR. My Father was Anthony Maisano, JR and I am Anthony Maisano III. My father and grandfather are both dead, but at different times, we all lived in the same house, at 1059 Middletown Ave, Northford CT. Talk about a land record nightmare. [I do not live there anymore]  Also, deceased persons remain in many databases, ex CT DMV for a period of seven years. This is one open window for duplication. When someone registers for a SSN and Voting rights in a town, then moves, all records DO NOT update to new location. Another area for exploitation.
The Challenge is to Repair as many critical databases, possibly the creation of a national ID, without causing the panic of Big Brother Surveillance. If everyone does their part… but it appears to me the ONLY way to truly get quiet policy is to HAVE multiple aliases created for oneself because ALL DATA HAS A PRICE!

Anthony Maisano III


3 shoes

Fuzzy Logic

draft 1

1.        III experiencing ongoing identity theft

2.       II diagnosed but doing the best he can.  Pressure from son C and M, fighting, and debt that C has caused company to carry, forcing II to work instead of rest.

3.       II dies February 10, 2010.  Didn’t want to, but was told he was ‘too sick.’   III only one who DID NOT enter room for last visit.  III wanted to wait to see if he would recover, as he did in past…

4.       III right back to life.  Middle of a snow storm.

5.       Couple of weeks pass.   D, J and Fd begin closed meetings.  Insist III should just trust them.

6.       Paperwork drawn up,  III was called on Cell Phone in the middle of  life, after another snow storm.  The crisis was that III needed to sign paperwork because ‘People won’t get paid if you don’t SIGN.  You have to trust us, why would you go against the family.’ III hangs up.  III wants a second opinion.  III was told there was no time,  J and D leave Fd’s office and return with paperwork.  They called a couple of more times.  Frustrated, III stopped what he was doing, drove to the office at 1059 M and entered.  No one was present, just the paperwork.  Against logic but wanting to do ‘the right thing,’ III signed, sight unseen.  III didn’t even know a lawyer who would look at the agreement anyway, and who would think that the family wouldn’t have his best interest in mind.  Further, it was described as just a stock consolidation, and III thought there would still be will a hearing, so on and so forth.

7.       April or Early May, D calls III into his office.  Makes an agreement to pay III $1,000 NET, $1,365 GROSS, and $$$$ after 40 hours.  III agrees.  They work the entire 2010 season.

8.       During the 2011 snow season III’s truck becomes repeatedly vandalized.  III gets strange phone calls, his computer is repeatedly hacked, and unknown people were parked out in front of his house, often seen taking notes.

9.       They return to work for the 2011  season.  A few weeks go by, and much to everyone’s surprise, III is still gainfully employed.  A worker TJ  remarked to III one morning ‘you still have your insurance?, she said you were supposed to lose your insurance.’  III has no idea what this guy is talking about, but then again, he looked at III one day and remarked ‘you killed me.’  His son      (C R) also crashed his car in front of the shop previous to this, and on TJ’s first day of work when III asked who hired him TJ stated ‘I hope to finish my career here.’  No other response.  This is an example of the prevailing attitude.  “Just ignore III, and logic, he isn’t really important…”

10.  J and D show up on a job on RT 5 in Wallingford and tell III that he needs to go to a CRISIS   CENTER.    In the middle of a working day.  III was very confused and stated that III was at work to work.  They leave the job site.

11.   A few days later, III asked his brother if he had any awareness of his ongoing identity theft.  C said III should stay home and he would just send  III his check.  No one tried to stop this.  III made a decision that C looked ready to physically defend himself [start to fist fight], and III only wanted to know if  C could help solve the identity theft issue.  Not wishing to fight, III turned around, got in his car and left.

12.   As Discussed, III was paid to stay home for five months.  Another contractor did work on J’s driveway, GP.  J thought maybe III would finish the season with him.  III’s brother C refused to allow GP  Sr. use any of ‘his’ paving equipment.  Talks fell through, and III has been sent away to work for other contractors before.  The ‘managers’ never really liked III’s logic or question asking.

13.   Finished the 2011 season.  Did not work all winter.  No calls, no explanations.

14.   2012 season commences. Brought back on the payroll.  Same deal.  Stayed home.  Paperwork filed for cars, etc.  Couple meetings with Attorney TF.  III paid TF’s asked fees.  It was in a meeting in TF’s office where III was surprised by the path taken by Attorney Sk.  Strange words…

15.   Regardless, III signed the paperwork again, under the impression there would be a final meeting.  When II first died, III purchased some CT Probate Law books.  Every night, J and III would go over sections of the book.  Until C’s lawyers took over.

16.   III continued to receive the same check, each week, for $1,365 gross, $1,000 NET each week NO CHANGES.

17.   2012 season ends and III was dropped for seasonal lack of work.  Collected unemployment all  winter, no other work.

18.   2013 season, III was told that III couldn’t be paid the same amount.  There would have to be reductions.  III has a house and a mortgage, and after watching how much everyone is spending, III needs the piece of mind.  Can’t be bounced around from contractor to contractor, and can’t be paid inheritance in working hours.   III decided he would take the pharmacist assistant exam, as discussed with the State DOL.

19.   The Next update:

  1.  Last correspondence I received from North Branford Probate Court DID NOT list Judge F as acting Judge, it showed Town of Branford as Adjudicator.  I realize my compliance with the determination of my mom as executrix is critical to her concept of order, but no oversight has detailed the pressure she has been put under, the inequities displayed the lack of clear and accurate financial reporting, or the failing decisions and council she has been given by attorney Sk.  Attorney Sk is not listed AT ALL as an expense to the estate, and I have witnessed Mr. Sk’s payment after hearings.
  2. No personal bias against Judge.  F, but he was the person placed in charge of oversight, and No Wise Oversight has been displayed to my eye.  In fact, when presented with the discrepancies and failing health of the business, Judge F told me ‘Dunn and Bradstreet is not a reliable source of information.’  Any Judge who would seek to rule this information as ‘ex parte communication’ rather than as a red flag should be classified as ineffective.
  3. I have not been included in probate process, have very little clarity as to inner workings of the trust, and do not have similar opinions as management or estate attorneys.  Ultimately, it appears to me to be a clear case of Nepotism.
  4. The basic trust outlines myself and my brother only to be directly provided for through the trust.   Because my brother was chosen by my mom as the operating officer of daily activities, and it is not in his best interest to reduce his compensation or directing ability, the terms have not nearly come close to being followed.  I asked my brother if he was aware of my ongoing identity theft three years ago, and he refused to answer and told me to stay home.  I discussed pharmacy technician training, which I paid for previous to this discussion, with estate attorney  Sk, and he told me the estate didn’t have the money.  My mom wrote me a check this past August to cover expenses, including to rebuild a hacked computer, after I passed the test.  But the trust is clear that I don’t need to beg or claim inequality.  The estate should flow through her as executrix to cover equal disbursements to myself and my brother, UNLESS SHE SPECIFICALLY GIVES CAUSE OR REASON.  I have not heard any such need.
  5. The business is being engineered to appear failing, so that any future requests that I might make will be non-payable because of financial crisis.  Unfortunately for the business management staff, the application of this concept to business creditors has landed the business in court; according to my mom.  Judge F stated to me the extra profits from the business should fund the trust, but being in the type of industry that it is in creates the situation of perpetual non-profitability.  If this is the case, then the estate will never pay a cent because I do not directly work for the business in any capacity.  This was the lawyers’ construction.
  6. My mom feels shut out from her grandchildren  [my brother and sister-in-law] and therefore obligated to appease whenever possible to earn visitation rights.  My sister-in-law has hacked my Gmail account attached to my cell phone [2012], I bought the hardware, company provided data plan [email attached to and set up with new number generation attached to hardware device].  She reassigned my number to a different employee, no notice no chance to stop it.  This created emotional duress when I found out and I was forced to react quickly, cancelling everything, while on my way to a funeral.  My mom found out over a year later HER personal cell phone was hacked by Megan as well, through my brother’s telling.  My brother and sister-in-law hacked each other’s phones, GPS, call lists, text contents, contact lists, etc.   The family attorney L, W and Sk have provided no direction, neither Judge F.  Their Facebook page recently displayed harassing statements, including my sister-in-law threatening to sue my Mom [as told to her by my Uncle Dante, the corporation’s secretary].  Incidents always occur timed with my life events;  the week I wrote Judge F citing his oversights, my brother and sister went to lawyers to get divorce paperwork.  Three weeks ago I was told about the Facebook Commentary, after I was discharged from the first job I obtained since my father’s passing.  I have that DOL hearing this coming Monday, October 28, 2013.  The DOL is claiming it was my ‘performance.’  Maybe Great Performance, or great acting by the dismissing employer, but that’s another discussion…
  7. I have received no reassurance of anyone’s custodial or fiduciary duties toward me.  Two payroll economic stimulus packages ago, I was denied receipt of the extra 2% employee rebate.  My father was still alive, and he rectified the situation after a couple of months.  This past 2011 2% rebate program, I received no increase Net or Gross earnings.  I told my mother, and my uncle.  My uncle told me ‘just kidding, but this happened to you because you voted for Barak Obama.’
  8. The company, as told to me, is going through tough times.  I have not  been represented in this case.  I have had great difficulty in getting representation AT ALL throughout this process.  The one lawyer I retained, was unable to clarify to me why I needed to sign the agreement initially granting my mom consolidation, when there was supposedly a clear transition outlined in Attorney  St’s documentation.  The second question was why I needed to sign over ownership of my father’s personal vehicles when they should have been correctly placed into the St Trust Container.  This past August 2013 I was told to buy my car that I paid for, from my mom for $1.  Her boyfriend prepared the paperwork.  It would be my duty to re-register the vehicle because she wanted to eliminate the “MAISANO BROS or MAISANO BROS” from the State DMV Database.  How this construction was created or why it persisted was never explained to me, but I hope this is NOT a dissolution of inheritance not discussed BUT PROVIDED TO ME IN SOME UNDISCLOSED DOCUMENT. 
  9. THE ONLY ITEM GIVEN DIRECTLY TO ME BY MY FATHER IS A MOBIL GAS CARD, PAID FOR THROUGH MAISANO BROS INC.  I use approximately $50 per week in gas.  In late July early August  this card was ‘Temporarily Cancelled’ without my notice.  In fact, I was aware of the card’s expiration date months earlier, and asked my mom if it would be renewed.  She answered affirmatively  YES.  ON MY BIRTHDAY NIGHT, APRIL 13TH 2013, she told me the other direct passage item, a Home Depot Card that my father gave to me so that I could always perform repairs to my house, was reported ‘Stolen’ to the Home Depot Credit Company.  When I called to clarify the situation, Home Depot Credit told me it was reported Stolen, though it may have been lost.  I was holding the card in my hand.  It always is a situation of prepare the people against me to act strong and take bold steps to control me or force me to lose something.  When they are confronted, the opposition switches to a meeker disposition, offering to ‘help me out.’
  10.   I shouldn’t have to lose my house.  In fact, many of the deeds at the town halls,  once showed Anthony Maisano only or Anthony Maisano and  Joan Maisano second.  This included the property where my Brother and Sister-in-Law reside.  Ownership transfer aside, the sources of confusion, and the complexity of how to deal with my personal share of inheritance have been made clear to me.  There is no inheritance for me.
  11.   My brother used Attorney L in cases when my father was alive.  Soon after my father’s death, my brother Chris told Attorney St  ‘his guy would take over.  I was surprised to see Attorney Sk work as the work filed to the State.  This makes it appear as if I was sued and never told.  My mom and the estate utilizes Attorney Sk exclusively now, after I pointed out my thoughts on conflict of interest.  But Attorney Sk is Attorney L partner.  St and Bd deny new work creation since the documents were created WHEN MY FATHER WAS ALIVE, then filed after I was told I needed to sign the consolidation agreement in 2010.  I do feel that I have no recourse, and witnessing the dissolution of organization each time a generation dies, I have little hope for future enforcement base upon THE ETHICAL REMEMBRANCE OF THE PAST.  I am aware of my mother’s place, but the free for all has been proven by landing in current bankruptcy court, and cancellation of the Asphalt Plant account with balance due.  Other  accounts are also un-payable, and it’s based on the lack of oversight of Judge F to attest to the correct containerization and ongoing business consideration and estate health.

Post conversation thoughts:

CT mentioned to me that the reason for Judge F asking to be removed from the case was one of his, Judge F’s, Clients, asked for his help in getting paid from Maisano Brothers Paving.  He felt it was a conflict of interest, and heretofore was removed.





I was told if I came to speak here today that I would be embarrassed.  That’s ok, I am just used to it.  I have had to take extraordinary measures to protect my identity.  It’s ok, I am just used to it.  Layers of ignorance have buried the critical facts I seek.  That’s ok, I’m used to it.  You’re just too different from us.  You don’t deserve your voice.  You can’t make as much as us because you don’t have kids.  We don’t like your friends.  You should sell your house and move back home.  We don’t need oversight or a board of directors.  That’s ok, I am just used to it.


What I am not used to is the ‘small town, no one will see me’ attitude.  Probate should be easy.  Why is this case all about control and suppression?  Why do people try so hard to erase my father’s voice, and yet use his name.  Why after three years, very little if anything has actually been ‘BUILT?’  Green Shoots?, squish.


CMM was ALWAYS told that he would run the business, except three main times in my life.  When I graduated college, the local economy was in recession.  The record shows that I paid for my senior year of college myself.  My mom said that my savings at that time weren’t exactly mine, and they were put there by my parents anyway, so it just had to be done.  The second was in the late nineties, after CMM left college early.  Ask C. Lxxxri’s Father for more information, but it was at this time when I was estimating jobs, and responsible for the finished product.  CMM and my father would go home early, sabotaging my endurance.  The third time was when I came back to work for MB Paving after S & S Distribution closed.  The economy was booming, and CMM got the false impression that he could do no wrong.  Many bad habits were formed during this time.  Both my father and myself were ‘pushed out.’  So we began prepping jobs together, and CMM just paved.  CMM hates to prep, and refuses to put in all of the hard work this job requires.  Then, as we know, my father became sick.  But whether I worked with someone else, or with my dad, I ALWAYS PREPPED, and CMM JUST PAVED.  I just got used to it.

I shouldn’t have to speak here today.  This wasn’t my intention.  But apparently the truth speaks so loud to people’s ears that it is deafening.  In this global village, when the DOL, DEA, DEP, DOT, IRS, ICE, or pick your favorite agency, spots non-compliance on a great enough level, size matters little.  Remember Avon Mountain Road and the Death’s caused by non-compliant trucks?


We can just wait because that’s how it always has been, or we can challenge ourselves to do better.  Why spend all my money on books?  My brains are dried up anyway, and we can not converse about your new thoughts.  I am SURE all I say here today will be forgotten as soon as we walk out of this meeting. 

It’s ok, I am JUST USED TO IT…

Final Thoughts Before DOL Hearing Bristol Paving Employment Discharge

Facts derived from ‘Know Your Rights,’ Chris Henter 2013

Pg 49:  Discrimination is when your employer is treating you differently because you belong to a legally protected group of people.

Pg 87:  on retaliation…”Just because you don’t like what the company is to you does not mean you can stop doing your job or stop others from doing theirs.  If you feel like you cannot perform your job because of how the company is treating you, then you might need to request some time off and even tell the company about this.”  When told that I could be replaced by ten other shovel men and I should ‘Show the boss something,’ and perform another’s concurrent task, I responded that the company should do what it feels like is best, after picking up another rake and finding no work to be done.

Pg 88:  ‘the Supreme Court has ruled that if Evil Employer does something that would make a reasonable employee not want to make a formal or informal complaint, then it is likely retaliation.’  Who would think to refuse and complain about bumping out a current employee?

Pg 10:  on AT WILL Employment…  Just Cause, Malfeasance, Nonfeasance, and Misfeasance are defined as ‘malfeasance would be breaking a company rule, nonfeasance would be not showing up to work, and misfeasance would be really screwing up at work.  Would making a single mistake at work satisfy just cause?  Normally, no.  A minor problem probably does not satisfy just cause.’  I was also told by the owner that, previous to my last day and on more than one occasion, that I did such good work that I had a job over the winter, and next paving season, without qualification of further job qualification or testing. [Government jobs and non at will employment firings are held to good cause, or passing the smell test for fishy reason]  Promise of future employment duration unspecified implies a reasonable sense of job security, which is why I am in the situation of no work history recommendation.


I want to document my impressions of the General CT DOL Hearing Process.  My last day of work was 10/2/2013.  Although CT is a Right to Work State, and everyone at the DOL has been cordial to me,  26 calendar days is an inordinate amount of time to determine my unemployment insurance availability.  I have continued to apply for work at other employers, and I have enclosed my application list.  I feel the employee insurance procedure should be broken down into two [2] phases.  The first phase should be to determine employee insurance qualification within the first two weeks of job end.   The second to determine the penalty phase and blame assessment.  One month of no income is a hardship for anyone.  I have also included a copy of my previous employer’s situation.  My last job was with my deceased father’s business.  It has been in probate for over three years.  I am not an officer of this company, and do not receive a paycheck for work performed.  The CT DOL knows this.  I should not be discriminated against or retaliated for any actions pending or not, or reasons given by unreliable or disqualified sources.  One month of no job, no unemployment insurance, and no clarity of work history or accurate work reference assessment could be enough to ruin someone’s local career.  I am optimistic for the future outcome, but in the meantime, there is no way to calculate the personal damages, or what the ‘community’ is concluding.

Anthony Maisano III                                                                       10/20/2013

prepared for North Branford Probate Court, May 8th 2013

Avvo Rating of Gary Skalver…

Who Are Skalver, Licari and Walsh?

In my opinion, Attorney Sklaver, and his firm, are untrustworthy and unexperienced in the recommendations they produce.  They have had a ‘rubber stamp’ from North Branford Probate Court in my family’s probate case for almost four years [yes, in probate for almost four years].  Most important, the firm has done zero financial planning and estate protection. Lies were first perpetrated about my mental, emotional and intellectual health, then the powers of the court were used to conceal many facts about my late father’s [Anthony Maisano Jr.’s] estate.  In addition, my mother has had to pump way too much money into the estate due to  poor planning.

This week  [11/22/2013] she had no heat in her house, waiting to ‘coordinate’ a contractor.  Anyone who remembers my father would know that this would NEVER happen while he was alive.  Totally unacceptable.  I have been used to people around me failing, but they are immobile placeholders.  This firm gets paid for their activities, and won’t even list their accurate fees on the probate documentation.  A path has been chosen and a captain placed at the helm.  Bob Geldof’s advice will be heeded.  Stay on dry land and be saved from the Ship of Fools…

Wonder what life would be like without that rubber stamp?

How Polluted is the Sonic Sea We Live In…

Written for Governor Dannel P. Malloy at the Manchester Community Forum, 4/4/2013, Manchester CT Lincoln Center…



A:  Reflections off of Long Island Sound… May 1st 2013,  Gov. Dannel Malloy,  Norwalk Town Hall Meeting

Q: Thank you for letting me address you at this public town hall today. I believe that your presence in the governor’s chair is providing generally positive guidance for our State of Connecticut. Your previous job was in a metropolitan area, but much to my surprise you have adapted your style to match our state’s diversity. Your tree trimming policy was spot on, and your disaster leadership will form your legacy. Finally, Connecticut is small state, so every television appearance is critical for our standing on the Nation’s Stage.

My name is Anthony Maisano III, son of Anthony Maisano Jr., grandson of Anthony Maisano Sr. Three years ago, after my father’s passing, I was faced with some data confusion relating to our name similarities. For example, to this day I cannot get the CT DMV to get my license to match my birth certificate with a proper Suffix, rather than a numerical interpretation.

I have sent a few emails to your office relating to audible and understandable voice track blending over PAID media services, which I am current and subscribe to. Professionals call this a form of Electronic Harassment. Hackers could be making use of the Emergency Broadcasting Band because Home speakers, computer headphones, cell phone conversations, and radio streams are all tainted. The hacking seeps into my car, and yes, out-of-state as well. Your office has referred to this as Noise Pollution. Sometimes the hacked track commentary is more entertaining than the actual selection, but it is NOT invited.

I wish to publicly comment that when the additional polluted tracks affect my enjoyment of the paid media services I subscribe to, it might be time to take out the trash. Using your office’s analogy, the noise ‘trash pile’ may be growing OUTSIDE our houses, but no one deserves their living rooms polluted.



This was the question I planned to ask Governor Malloy and LT. Governor Nancy Wyman, Thursday night, April 4th, 2013 at the Manchester Town Hall Meeting. Outside the time scope of my allowance, I did some extra research to try to decipher the ‘WHY’ of this irregular occurrence. I have developed two basic types of sound modification actions, In [through] the Box, and In the Path of My Ears.

Through the box implies that the sound track is being modified over the wire or FCC listed communication path, or inside the box I own and have chosen to receive a particular program or show. I have been able to record some of this sound alteration, with the addition of a ‘ch-ch-ch-ch-ch’ and / or a ‘be-e-e-e-ee-eeep’ sound set. This DOES seem to occur, but MAY be more illegal in the eyes of the law.

In the Path of My Ears seems to be the method of choice, although I would make the argument that when my ears are in MY house or MY car, the air-space is predominantly owned or controlled by me. Further, there would be no reasonable expectation on my part that this type of alteration SHOULD be occurring.

After talking to several people in the online community who have observed these phenomena, I utilized a ‘Full-Range All-Round Detector.’ It was calibrated to vibrate in the presence of frequency detection in the 1.2G, 2.4G, and 100MHZ to 3000MHZ wave patterns. It is not the most sophisticated device on the market, but did detect vectorized straight line wave streams, flowing through my house. I counted MANY of these interference rivers, some upstairs, some outside, some right through the listening path of my Television and Eardrums.

My thought is as sounds are emitted in a straight line, conical shape, towards My Ears, the waves must pass through at least 2 to 3 of these perpendicular streams. These streams are normally invisible to my eyes, traveling through my thin walls, in between endpoints unknown. Each stream has a defined top and bottom, as noticed when the detecting device is raised or lowered out of the path of the cross-cutting stream.  As the correct broadcast sound travels toward my ears, it becomes ‘tainted’ or ‘polluted’ with ‘sticky data that is part of the cross-cutting stream.’ This cross-cutting stream ‘modifies’ the intended broadcast. My body is sitting at a point furthest away from the television, and further away from the cross-cutting streams. The co-mingled sound broadcast eventually reaches my ears, conveying a different message than was initially intended at the studio or origination site. Noise pollution or harassment, these changes are unwarranted AND unwelcome.

The scientific experiment was necessary to prove the existence of the sound co-mingled changes, and not to inspire the listener into thinking my ears or brain was broken or damaged. Further, the laser-light camera sensor defined a pinpoint midway between the top and bottom of the television tube, which I will define as a horizon line. From hour to hour, the pinpoint slides left and right, but always remain on axis. When the device is directed to shine at a wall or window, a larger ‘flash light’ beam appears, just like a normal flash light ‘large circular spot.’

The pinpoint on the television screen shall be a discussion for a different day. My hope is to first clean up the Sound Pollution Trash Pile.

Comment on Immigrations and Oversight

 Opinions & Observations

 First draft

I am not speaking against the department, the state or the intelligence community.  This piece is not intended to provide remedies for our current problems.  But until Immigrations is fixed, the Dreamers and the Documented will receive additional surveillance.

Parked cars wait across the street where undocumented and incorrectly documented persons work.  Parking lots and Big Box Stores are monitored via camera and closed circuit television.  In East Haven, CT, ‘dances and social gatherings’ are observed with the closest eyes.  Many agree that this extra attention is necessary, because “these groups” are particularly elusive.  They have common features such as facial parts, family descriptions and name overlap with repetitiveness.  It is critical to create registries and documentation to keep track of the fluctuating populations because the current systems have failed.  There is no will to absorb the dreamers [amnesty] and deportation would be particularly harsh on people and the economy.

The lack of consensus on Immigrations, Papers Please, E-verify and Employer Regulation Enforcement has created a shadow population in the United States. It is estimated that between eleven and thirteen million Dreamers and un-Documented workers are currently living in U.S. towns and cities.[estimates vary, numbers from Barak Obama’s recent ‘fix immigrations’ speech during the month of February 2013]  American Employers have become hooked on the unending low-cost labor supply.  The end game is the slow elimination of employer-provided retirement, cost of living and benefit plans.  Years of short-changing the labor and census systems have one direct result.  The failure to establish a permanent United States Immigration Policy and Accepted Universal Update will be the gateway for all residents to be monitored. Further, there will be competition for the information that is gathered.  A case by case option will form the basis for social control because low-cost labor is more important than the Freedoms granted by the U.S. Constitution… [Wikipedia defines social control as “societal and political mechanisms or processes that regulate individual and group behavior in an attempt to gain conformity and compliance to the rules of a given society, state, or social group

The question without new legislation is whether or not to extend constitutional freedoms to all who walk on America’s soil, both un-documented or dreamers. Americans struggle with Guantanamo Bay, but at least it gets discussed.  Our freedoms are very flexible, but America’s laws require clarity, data points, historical perspective and continual review.  The Congressional look away only works for a short time.  Cities, counties and states need to maintain law and order regardless of how citizens abuse the written rules.  If the legislators won’t legislate, and the employers won’t bear the responsibility of correct and accurate hiring practices, ALL AMERICANS WILL BE OBSERVED with keener powers of inspection.  Smile, you are on camera!

I would like to illustrate a scenario partially based on observation, partially based on experiential compilation.  This is one starting point.  When everyone gets out of work, pockets of different people congregate for ‘dances’ and other activities. These events are permitted to continue for social relaxation, for watching the specific groups in their habitat, and for conducting Surveillance activities.

As the popular tale is told, ‘everywhere that Mary went, those Lambs were sure to go.’ And where those lambs go, the surveillance follows. It is like the mapping car cameras driving down every street drawing each square inch of travel.  In my observation and opinion, because the job creators in many states want cheap labor, the departments want to play with their toys, and some others want to promote social control, the data collection system is propagated in continuous cycles. All feet on American soil are part of this collection pool because of the inter-meshing of the twenty-four hour monitoring procedure.

The final natural question is what will be done with all of the newly collected data.  Another layer of hierarchy gets introduced called the ‘oversight.’ This layer is installed to cultivate the data farms and ensure the correct usage of observational techniques.  Information is very powerful, and because greed creates an end to end disintegration in policy, all information collected becomes useful.  From the moment of wakefulness, to every place the Dreamers and un-Documented travel and work, their family sizes, medical decisions, food selection, entertainment choices, and financial transactions become fair for recording.  And because we have a shadow population interacting with documented citizens, ALL INTERACTIONS are open for surveillance.  Powers of escalation enable continuous points of monitoring.  Each connection makes a sticking spot where data is collected.  Places where surveillance would never be required become necessary for ‘personal safety’ and legislative accuracy.

So we have all types of people following all types of people around, conducting surveillance activities. Some legitimate, some clandestine until deemed ‘necessary.’ Spy vs. Spy. See true believers, personal benefit casts a BIG net. And slowly but surely, on a case by case basis, all will have to be watched because the promoters call it ‘witness protection.’ Real Americans will require these protections because of this new, dangerous jungle. The actions in homes, parks, roads, electronic media, communications, and bedrooms will be monitored and documented. Is this place is so wonderful? ‘Keys please.’


America should avoid this by having an open and honest Immigrations conversation, and PASSING LEGISLATION based on a popular vote.  What a concept.

Next issue, the editor gets his pictures, and the watchers and lambs get caught in the web.  This newly acquired information gained through various methods of surveillance is TOO TEMPTING to sit on the shelf.  Many new applications will showcase the data gained from deep access. And there’s the show… ‘Amazing Temptations’


Inspired from a recent post in Frederica Cade’s WordPress blog.